Monday, December 10, 2007

Weird dream

Had a weird dream last night.  Too weird to share.


But it did get me thinking that this is about the time when the aches and pains are really sinking in and the banging and training is beginning to catch up to the first timers (and some long timers).  In the beginning, there’s the soreness that gets worked out, but now is where the constant banging and general weight of the training is beginning to really bear down.


That’s what it really is…  the weight of it all.


The weekends when you just … don’t … feel …  like  …  running…


But that cross current of “I’ve come this far” kicks in and the discipline takes over.


This was the part of the training I hated most (except for the other parts).  This was the part where running really REALLY felt like a grind.  Because rather than the short 3 – 6 mile runs, the only effective runs at this stage were 6+ milers.  8 – 12 miles, or you really aren’t working.  If you’re not going to go 8, you might as well stay in bed, right?  And if you really wanted to do it right it was 6 during the week and 12 on the weekends.  Yea, I know.  It really starts to feel like work.


In the beginning, you can whip out a 1 to 3 mile run and feel like you’re doing something.  You’re getting back into running shape, getting those shoes broken in, getting used to the heat, times are falling like stones, whatever.  You’re starting your regimen and feeling good about it.  But now is the time when all that groundwork is being leveraged into longer and longer distances.  The half marathon training point is behind you, the 20k is in front of you, and you’re just PRAYING that you don’t roll an ankle or step in a hole funny or catch a cold…  That stuff usually doesn’t happen.


I really am thinking of you guys (and gals) out there running in these doldrums when it could be so easy to simply stay home.  That drive, dedication, and stubbornness is admirable (if not insane).








Breathe…  just a few more miles and you’re going through that Gate of Giants and into our very own Valley of Heroes. 

Run on to that finish line.

Don’t stop.

Leave it all on the pavement.

You’re almost there.


Blogger VirgĂ­nia said...

I should start running, but my laziness won't allow me.

5:41 PM  

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