Friday, October 24, 2008

Just over a week...

McCain is down by anywhere from 1 to 11 points with just a little more than a week to go.


The Friday before election day Al Gore produced a drunk driving charge that was expunged from a young George Bush’s record that the broadcast media outlets were just more than happy to pounce all over.


I wonder what McCain will produce in these last two weeks…  and if the media will bother to report it.  Hard to believe that associating with a terrorist and other unsavory types is the best they’ve got.  Because, you know, that PALES in comparison to an expensive dress or two.  (Maybe that’s what Obama has in his closet…  expensive dresses?)


Alternatively, McCain may just be to classy to stoop to such a thing.  Though his surrogates probably aren’t.  After all, they have a lot to lose if their guy doesn’t win.


Alternatively, alternatively, there may simply be nothing to produce.  That would be something, eh?  A politician, from Chicago, with no dead hookers in his closet.  You know, because Obama has been thoroughly vetted and all…  lol.


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