Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ok, I have what should be a simple task ahead of me:  build a playlist that is up to 10 minutes long for a quick 1 mile run in the morning.


Should be simple because it’s only 10 minutes.


HOWEVER, it’s a lot harder than you’d think because…  if you had to pick one, which finger would you cut off?


You see, I’ve got to pick ONLY 10 minutes of music that’s both appropriate for running juice as well as waking up juice (or the occasional after work juice).  I think if I’m going to do these runs they’ll be in the AM between 6 and 6:30 rather than in the PM, simply because I’m more likely to have that morning block available and the weight of the world will still not yet have settled down on my shoulders by then.


So, what?  A little wake up jamz to stretch by for 30 or 90 seconds, then a little something to get the tempo funking and the feet moving for the first couple of minutes, then just as that heavy breathing is settling in a little rhythm to greet the rhythm of the run for another 2 - 4 minutes.  That gets me to around minute 5 or 6, which at my current running pace isn’t close to the full mile.  Of course at my current running pace that’s also about the time I’m going to have the overwhelming urge to slow down and take a quick breather, so I’m going to need a little sumpthin sumpthin with some up-tempo blasting to invite the adrenal gland to inject some influence on the sitch, yea?  And if I’m still running at 9 minutes, I might need something attached to a stretcher to close out the set, but I’m thinking the last jam can be some kind of cooldown for 30 or 60 seconds…  maybe some acoustic funk.


Of course, I have the usual suspects waiting in the lineup…  Eminem, Rage, maybe a little Will Smith and The Offspring, maybe Parliament….  But then I have to start cutting back to 10 minutes.  Hard cap.  No more.  10.  Full stop.



I’ve got about 2 weeks to settle this.  Suggestions are welcome.


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