Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new challenge?

I change challenges like I change underwear.


Ok, I change my underwear a little faster…  slightly.


Currently, I’m knocking out an MBA (quite expertly, I might add).  There’s the standard “being a good husband/father/Christian” thing that is more a constant struggle with a set of unique, yet related challenges rather than a specific challenge.  Then there’s this 366 miles in 366 days thing that I’ve foisted upon myself (still haven’t given up the idea, I’m just realizing that it’s getting awfully close to “put up or shut up” time).  In days gone by there are marathons, MS150s, multiple MS150s, both in 1 year (still haven’t pulled that one off), and this revolving idea of a Texas Double Triple of 3 MS150s and 3 marathons in 1 calendar year.


Now K’s gone and tossed out not one but TWO challenges in the last few days—100 pushups and the Stephanie Johnson Triathlon.  With planning I can do the 100 pushups.  When I was applying at the FBI and Postal Inspection Service part of the application process was a physical fitness test and part of that test was a requirement to do 50 pushups in 1 minute.  Yes, I could have passed that test back then, but that was 2 or 3 years ago.  And I realize that it’s never the first 50 that kill you, it’s the last 5.  Needless to say, I haven’t chosen to add that to my list of “stuff to do”, but I’m giving it serious thought.  Maybe after the Business Law class I’m taking finishes.


Needless to say, I’m a big fan of people who live life, ESPECIALLY in the face of long odds or imminent death.  After all, we all die sometime.  Some of us sooner than others.  Some people, however, sit around waiting for it to happen and others stand up in defiance of the inevitable and say “you may take me today, but until that moment comes, I will LIVE!”


I am inspired over and over again by the latter group, of whom I suspect Stephanie Johnson belonged.  I never knew her and will never know her personally (at least not in this life), but there’s something about someone who gets a verdict from a doctor and thinks to herself “you know, I think I’ll do a triathlon”.  There’s something about knowing someone is laying on a couch recovering from chemo who WANTS to go out and do SOMETHING that makes me feel a little guilty about laying on a couch, able to do something, and thinking that today I’m just too tired. 


There’s something about someone like that. 


I want just a little piece of that something.


Maybe I’ll do a triathlon this year.  Maybe I’ll do a triathlon in September.






Blogger K said...

Ok, Joe. If you are in, I'll be in. God I hate swimming, but I hate cancer even more... Let me know!

5:33 PM  

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