Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Time equivalency

Ok, I’ve fairly well decided that I won’t be running 366 miles this year.  It could happen, but flying butt monkeys and all that.


So, I’m thinking of expanding the “time equivalency” notion I was working under earlier this year.  1 mile running was roughly 10 minutes, but I was able to knock that down to 9:30 after a few dozen miles.  So, I figured 10 minutes on a elliptical or treadmill was equivalent to 10 minutes on the road, and consequently 1 mile, time equivalent.

Well, if 1 mile is roughly 10 minutes on the road, and 10 minutes on the elliptical is roughly equivalent to 1 mile, then 10 minutes on my bike should be roughly equivalent to 1 mile running.  It is, after all, the time the heart and lungs are working at or near capacity, not the distance being run.  Sure, there’s the effort being put in, but I can almost guarantee that I ride a helluva lot harder than I go on the elliptical.


So, maybe I put in an hour a couple of days a week…  that’s about 12 miles a week…  and I need a little more than 300 miles still…  according to my math (which is totally awesome) that’s 52 hours of biking, or 26 weeks, or half of a year of consistent 12 mile weeks.


Yea, not going to happen.


On the other hand…


Blogger said...

If you run 366 miles this year, we'll retire a timing chip in your honor (and won't make you run back to get it either). :)

7:57 PM  

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