Monday, June 23, 2008

Morning visitor

I’m afraid the entire dynamic of my household changed in a fundamental way this morning.

Around 6:30am, about the usual time, we here stirrings upstairs.  The stirring quieted down and our little monkey (presumably) went back to sleep.  That’s about how mornings go in our house.

I get up, get ready for work, kiss the missus goodbye and we comment to each other that we haven’t heard much from upstairs at all.

Then we hear a little jabbering from the general direction of the baby’s room.  I look around the corner and confirm to my lovely wife that the boy is, in fact, not sleeping.

He is, in fact, standing on the stairs grinning from ear to ear at me.


So now our cute little boy who likes to lay in bed reading or jabbering to himself in the morning until mommy comes to get him and bring him downstairs, has decided that he can climb down the stairs all on his own.


Every day an adventure, every day a joy.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


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