Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the video award goes to...

I'll say it right now:  we have no idea what's on the mysterious video tape that is currently being held hostage by the LA Times behind the curtain of "the source doesn't want it released" (more on that bullshit in a minute).

Truth is, we may never know what's on this mysterious video.

It might just be a home video of Barack taking care of his children and being a great family guy.  It might a video of Barack making an anti-American screed in Arabic and beheading a room full of elementary school children…  ok, I don’t really think ANYONE thinks it could be that.

As long as the LA Times holds the video hostage, we can make up whatever story we want.  We do know it has the Junior Senator toasting someone he allegedly doesn't know very well.  Someone who is allegedly a terrorist sympathizer...  someone who allegedly was closely involved with extremist terrorists...  someone who he allegedly doesn't know very well...  who he is toasting at some function.  That's all we really know.

Could it be the mythical dead hooker?  Yes.  Maybe no.  Who knows? 

Oh, yea.  The LA Times knows.  And Obama knows.  But neither one of  
them are talking.

It depends on how significant you consider the association with known terrorists, hate-filled racist pastors, his desire for redistribution of wealth, his close association with a corrupt felon, his propensity for throwing allies under the bus when they're no longer useful, and his dishonesty with regards to these associations and actions.  What do we know about him?  Only what he's told us and what the complicit media has allowed into the open.

So, until we know differently, the video is whatever we want it to be.

Let's circle back to the "source doesn't want it released" bit.  How many times has a newspaper received information that the source doesn't want released, but it has other value such as marketing, or national security, or just plain old salacious dirty laundry value.  Does anyone remember the intercepts of communications to points overseas that were errantly called "domestic wire taps"?  A program that intercepted foreign calls AND yeilded valuable intelligence information was completely undone due to the release of the knowledge of the program by newspapers over the objection of the intelligence  

That was a national security issue...  the papers didn't give a shit about it.  They wanted to sell papers (and make the administration  
look bad).

But now were possibly going to elect someone who is a potential terrorist sympathizer...  or not, we don't know... but it can all be put to bed by releasing the video...  which would happen if the media wasn't complicit with Obama's deception...  or not deception, we just don't know.


And that’s the core issue.  We just don’t know enough about this guy.


Blogger spartikus said...

How'd that Whitey tape work out?

Here's a tip: if you use the word "allegedly" more than twice in one paragraph you might want to re-evaluate your premise.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Brother Joe said...

You mean that tape I said was likely bogus WAY back in June?

Is that supposed to be analagous to this tape which DOES exist and is being supressed by a complicit media organization? Or are you just still being a troll?

Still allegedly waiting allegedly for allegedly that allegedly link allegedly to allegedly a allegedly rebuttal, allegedly in allegedly your allegedly own allegedly words, in allegedly your allegedly own allegedly forum... allegedly.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Brother Joe said...

Oh, and 2 quick notes, you stupid troll...
Read the comment, "i think the tape is bogus" blah blah.
2. I don't watch fox news.

If you're going to play "gotcha" on my turf, you better bring better shit than that to the net.

8:54 PM  

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