Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bill Clinton, FTW!

Congratulations on the big win in North Korea, President Clinton!

As more details of the story trickle out—the near deal in 2000 for an actual end to the Korean War, the intervention of Arab-Israeli politics in preventing that, the relatively close relationship between Kim Il Sung and Clinton—the better this story begins to look (and the worse the diplomatic atmosphere of the previous 8 years begins to look, as well).  Has Kim Il Sung lived for a little while longer, maybe history would have a different chapter written now.


Regardless, the maneuvering to spring the two hostages from the clutches of the North Korean regime was a masterful move.  Good job.

Now, if only we can figure out how to get the rest of our policy with regards to North Korea to be a little more consistent…  hhmmm.


In other news, President Obama is announcing yet another couple billion dollars in spending.

Hold on to your wallets, people.


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