Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar tax

Some big brained scientists are suggesting a $0.01 per ounce tax on sugared beverages, not unlike the tax on cigarettes that helped put a crimp in smoking in the US.

The suggestion is expected to raise around $15 BILLION in the first year and the further suggestion of using the money on obesity prevention and other health initiatives was floated.


Here’s a better idea…


Tax the high fructose corn syrup (which the agribusiness and beverage people will fight tooth and nail) and instead of pissing the money away on YET ANOTHER GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, just let the higher prices do their thing.  If people aren’t drinking as much sugared poison and eating as much sugared poison, you don’t have to fund an obesity prevention program.  Taxing the poison that is making them big fat fatties IS the obesity prevention program.


It’s a simple proposition:  you can continue shoveling crap into your mouth hold and challenge Jupiter for the largest gravitation field this side of the sun, and pay a considerably higher amount for said crap, OR you can pay slightly less for better food and watch your big fat ass melt away in the hot sun.


Why do we have to have the government tell us that the food we’re eating is poisoning us when we feel worse, look worse, and are generally less healthy than we were 40 years ago?


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