Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Training program and other stuff

I’m not going to comment on Clinton’s meltdown except to say that he has now descended to the depths of the liberal blogosphere rhetoric.  6 years ago people were bleating that Bush did nothing for 8 months to stop Bin Laden and Michael Moore even made a hatchet job propaganda movie about it.  Clinton, as the democrat emeritus, has now taken up this line and is holding the bloggo-lib banner high.  It’s a sad, sad day for the democratic party.  Not because it won’t get them votes.  No, it will likely energize some portion of the voting block.  No, it’s a sad day because it’ll energize the wrong part.  It’ll energize the extremist left that resides in the blogosphere and is completely intolerant of any discussion and disagreement—that’s why former Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman is running as an independent and fighting for his seat in the senate.  Just like the talk radio conservatives who go more to the right in a tight campaign season, these blogger libs will go more to the left and the polarization will continue.  At some point this will break and some leadership will come out of that vast territory in the middle. 


Hopefully sooner rather than later.


As an aside, Pres. Clinton insisted that he did more than anyone else to stop Bin Laden.  He even almost killed him.  A few years back he was insisting that he had no legal grounds to arrest Bin Laden when Sudan offered to hand him over to us, but now he had legal grounds to kill him in cold blood.  Something doesn’t add up, but only if you’re listening.


On to more serious business.


Marathon training begins for real this weekend.  I’ve been eating right.  I haven’t been sleeping right, but those patterns will settle down soon, I’m sure.  The idea is to get pretty aggressive toward the end of October.  I’m going to take it easy for the first couple of weeks and just get my legs back underneath me with 3 mile runs during the week and something no less than 6 miles starting on the 7th.  That should give me a solid 20 miles the first full week of October and I’ll track that as my baseline for the marathon or half-marathon.  From that 20 mile base I’m going to begin ramping up in the last 2 weeks of October and should hit the dreaded shin-splint period in mid-November.  That’ll take me 1 week off from training, but I should be able to climb right back into the saddle and be running by Thanksgiving.  If I can be prepared for the big 16 miler in December, I should be able to run the marathon in January.


Let the “fun” begin.

God I hate this stuff.  Just thinking of running is making me want to take a nap.  But it will be cool to see my child at the finish line.  Plus, if it weren’t for all the running that leads up to it that whole entry into the Valley of Champions in downtown would simply be walking down the street.


Blogger Vic said...

Did you notice too that he called the 911-Commission report a "political document." That was very interesting. To date, the 911-commission report has been lauded by the dems as inerrant, objective, and, the non-partisan authority on all things 911. Now, I guess it's political.

btw, wipe that smirk off you face. :o)

11:18 AM  

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