Friday, January 12, 2007

Another warning to save your pennies

I got a message just the other day from a relative that said “The government giveth and the government taketh away.  I got a social security raise of $50, but I also got a medicare fee increase of $100.  I don’t even use the medicare coverage I’ve got!”

Moral of the story, boys and girls, save your nickels and dimes.

Pay off your car.

Quit using credit.

Save some money.

Pizza and cable each month, over the next 25 years, is the difference between Alpo cooked 100 different ways and actually eating in a restaurant.  It’s the difference between shopping in a grocery store and having to work in a grocery store.

The detestable thing is that this guy who’s getting his benefit CUT by $50 needs his social security check.  He was a worker bee type who raised a family, never had a lot left over, certainly not enough to save, and his only real asset is his home.  His retirement income is union pension and social security.  Meanwhile there are the people who DID save a ton, who had the means to save a ton, who are ALSO getting a check.  The one guy needs it and is getting his benefit cut—his retirement life boat cut, if you will.  The other guy doesn’t need the check, is getting a check, and is also pissed because his free money is a little less, but he’ll still be able to survive without any noticeable adjustment in lifestyle—maybe one fewer trip to the cheap Chinese importer down the road.  And because he made more than the first guy, his check is bigger to begin with anyway!!!


This is an abomination.


Those who need it the most get the least.  Those who need it the least get the most.  And when cuts happen those who need the benefit the most are harmed the most.

Meanwhile you and me are going to get boned, and left with the bill.



Yes, Txrunnergirl, I listen to Dave, too.  I have consumed the kool-aide and am a debt nazi.  If nothing unexpected pops up we’ll be completely debt free, except for the house, in about 18 months.  The house will be 5 or 10 years after that, depending on how fanatical we get or if we decide to move.  No new credit cards.  No new debt for a bunch of crap.  No new nothing unless I can pay for it.  Hell, we even paid for our baby with a check.  No repo man coming for that little bundle of tax credits!  Cars run better when they’re paid for.  Babies are just far more enjoyable when they’re paid for, and home life is far more harmonious when things are paid for.  Homes are homes when they’re paid for, not investments for the bank—the grass even feels better under your feet and between your toes.  And you know, when you have a little in the bank you’re not so insane about chasing down that $.02 savings from the Chinese importer; you can afford quality and you’re less worried about the nickel savings and more conscious of the actual cost of having the Chinese importer in your town.  It’s funny how actual wealth rather mere consumption—and seeking the cheapest deal—affects so many aspects of your life.  You feel better.  You look better.  You can give freely and with a clear conscience.  You can actually relax on vacation and not worry about who’s going to pay the car note or mortgage or how long it’s going to take to pay off your cruise.  You can set your utilities to auto pay and travel the world for a month or so because you have money in the bank.  You can quit your job and go do something you enjoy.  You can sit back and savor the things in life that are really, truly valuable.  Like a baby’s smile.  Or crossing the finish line in your first marathon.  Or giving a family a trunk full of Christmas presents.  Or buying a couple of goats for an African village.  10% to church?  That’s a good start when you have more than enough.  In short, you can do whatever you want, because you’re not owned by anyone.  Want to start your own business?  Go to seminary?  Climb a mountain?  Be a professional cyclist or runner? 

No sweat.


There’s nothing quite like freedom.


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