Friday, December 28, 2007

The rules of the game

Ok, here are the rules, as I’ve developed them for my “365 in 365” game.


1.       The participant shall run 1 mile a day, every day, rain or shine, hot or cold.

2.       No miles may be credited to future runs.

3.       Runs missed can be made up in subsequent runs.

4.       Time is irrelevant, distance matters.


That’s pretty much it.  Easy, simple, and straight forward.  Basic principal is that I need to PLAN to run each and every day for a mile at least.  If I run 2 miles today, I can’t credit that second mile to tomorrow’s run, so the project won’t end before December 31, 2008… unless I get terminally behind in my mileage.  If I run nothing today, I CAN, however, make up that mile tomorrow.


Ideally, though, runs won’t be more than 1 mile at a stretch, because ideally I won’t skip any runs (and we ALL know how likely that is).


Minor modifications will be coming to track progress through the year.


Blogger said...

So the most you can get in this game is 365, right?

I have 1 day in. Yesterday was 26.2. Yes, a whole marathon. In Kingwood. :)

Looking forward to your update.

And, oh, do these runs require a timing chip?! :)

10:18 PM  

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