Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The term “blech” is sorely underused.  It’s concise, to the point, and absolutely clear.


For example:

Wife:  How was your day?

Husband:  Well, the copier on our floor went down and the tech wasn’t there until 1.  Of course, I had the reports to print out for the meeting and I had to run up and down the stairs all morning.  Needless to say the meeting did not go nearly as smoothly as planned because every time I went down to accounting to use their Neanderthal copier I got sucked into another Q&A session over some stupid inane crap.  After lunch it was ok.



Wife:  How was your day?

Husband:  Mostly blech, but after lunch it picked up.


Ben Bernake:  The economy is blah blah blah blah…  with interest rates blah blah blah blah…



Ben Bernake:  Economic conditions are currently blech, but conditions look favorable for a turn around in the next quarter.



Weatherdouche:  The 5 day forecast is 3 days of sunshine and nice temperatures followed by 2 days of blech.  Stay tuned for more.


See?  Blech makes everything better.


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