Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok, here comes the string of excuses…


The weather has been bad.

Too cold.

Too rainy.

Too tired.

Long days at the office.

Long days at school.

My wife is sick.

My son is threatening to get sick.

I didn’t feel quite right the other day.

I woke up too late.

I woke up too early.

It was my one free evening, I didn’t want to waste it running.

I felt bloated.

I felt weak.

I felt heavy.

My IPod had no charge.

The baby went to sleep early and the elliptical squeaks.

Ummm….  Wolves?


Ok, I think that’s all the best excuses I have for doing absolutely nothing this week.  Yesterday I could have run, sure.  I had plenty of energy, but I got home too late.  Seriously, too late.  I don’t like to exercise within a couple hours of bed time.  Of course, because I had all that energy, I couldn’t get to sleep, which means I slept too late, which means I didn’t run this morning…  you see, it’s not my fault!!


I’m going to up the time on the treads today to 40 minutes, which is 4 miles by my reckoning.  I may even hit the pavement to try and lower my per-mile time which will make my elliptical training more efficient.  Maybe 40 minutes can become 5 miles some day?  Maybe I can sprout wings and a tail?


I have a somewhat ambitious goal this weekend of running the equivalent of 10 bonus miles (that’s 2 + 10), including tonight’s run of 3 bonus miles (1 + 3).  That will allow me to make up this lost week in one fell swoop.  Of course, I’d be happy with 5 bonus miles (or no bonus miles).  It really is hard doing this AND school.  Without school it’d be a breeze.  But without challenges life would be Kansas (all flat as far as the eye can see, no offense intended, Kansas).


More later.


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