Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am ...

I increased the resistance on the elliptical.  Kicked my ass.  But, 2 more miles are in the books.  I’ve discovered a new verbal focusing trick…  “I am” statements.  “I am strong”, “I am iron”, “I am relentless”…  it goes on like that for a few minutes.  Again and again…  and it seems to work.


I am SOOO out of shape, but that’ll eventually change, I’m sure.


As soon as I get a new pair of shoes I’m going to transition to more road miles.  Meanwhile, I’m looking towards 60 miles for the end of this month.  That’s 14 more miles before the close of March.  More than doable.  Plus 60 miles puts me well within striking distance of catching up to my mile-a-day goal.


Rumor has it there’s a RTW this weekend…  not sure if I’ll actually be able to motivate myself to travel that far that early this weekend.


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