Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another mile in the books

Yet another mile down.  I haven’t had a chance to make up any ground the last few days, but I haven’t lost any ground the last few days, either.

I was surprisingly jelly-legged today.  Not sure what that was all aboat, but I’m sure it’s just a passing thing that’ll be fixed with more consistent running and better conditioning, eh?

Alas, I’ll probably hit the pavement again this weekend to see what my current second mile time is so that I can re-evaluate the time I spend on the elliptical.


In other news, I’m looking seriously into the “Nothing But Nets” campaign (  It looks like a real, good, organized effort to do something that’s not stupid.  A refreshing type of charitable organization that actually DOES SOMETHING (much like Child Advocates) rather than merely throwing money at a problem.  I’m becoming a big fan of the person-mobilizing charitable concept versus the funding-mobilizing charitable concept.  While I understand and appreciate the need for the funding, it seems somewhat detached from the actual soul-feeding benefits of actually DOING SOMETHING.  Sure, I can send $100 to the Red Cross, or I can actually volunteer at a shelter or give blood AND give $100.  In more ways than one the blood or sweat is more valuable than the money.  Which is why I like the Nothing But Nets campaign.  They’re piggy-backing on the measles vaccination network to distribute insecticide coated bed nets to combat malaria.  A $10 net distributed through an existing network.  Duh.  It’s astonishing they hadn’t thought of that before.  You don’t just save the one life, you save the life of every other person the infected mosquito would have bitten as well.  *SLAP FOREHEAD*.  So freaking simple.



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