Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Q1 recap

As best as I can tell I came out of the first quarter at about 50% of my scheduled miles.


Not as good as I hoped, but better than I expected.


So far April is going pretty well, too.  I’m 2 for 2 this month and hope to keep that going as well.  I may even get out on the road this weekend and put up some extra numbers.


I can say that after running 48 miles on the year I still haven’t fallen in love with the idea of running.  I still hate doing it.  The grinding and beating and excruciating effort—especially in the summer—that goes into running any significant distance is just something I can do without.  HOWEVER, the meditative quality of the rhythmic footfalls is a quite unexpected finding.  It’s something that I knew of but never took the time to really notice on the bike, but have been forced to take notice of while running (lest the overall suck of running come crashing down on my shoulders).  Also, a quick 10 minute jog on the elliptical is a pretty good way to get the old engine revving in the morning.  That revelation can, no doubt, be filed under the “duh” category.


I have class tonight, but I still might get a mile or two in before bed.  Who knows, I might just do something crazy like that.


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