Monday, May 12, 2008

Big ass belt buckles and other stuff

Ok, so I came to the conclusion this weekend that running (an average of) a mile a day isn’t really that important to me.  Otherwise, I’d be doing it.

However, I do need to drop some LBs.  I’ve got to figure something out.


In other news, I finally got that big ass belt buckle.  To commemorate earning an “A-“ in statistics in Spring 2008, I went out and bought me a trophy.  It’s not huge, about as big around as a coffee mug.  But it’s big enough.


In my undergrad days, I took statistics 5 times.  Stat I was a D the first time I took it.  Then came Stat II with a pair of Fs.  So, back to Stat I where I earned a “C”, and back to Stat II where I got another “C”.  Now I’ve got an “A-“ to add to my FFDCC.


Thankfully, my undergrad GPA will not factor in to my graduate GPA.


More later.


Blogger K said...

Congrats on the good grades! And the belt buckle. I bet they don't sell those in Mexico or Nigeria!!! LOL

9:08 AM  

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