Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The bus full of nuns

I mentioned in casual conversation a few weeks (months?) back when the first real big push to get Hillary out of the race that she should stay in for the long term because at any point during this process Obama could smash his car into a bus full of nuns and completely ruin his chances to be elected.

He’s hit several buses, but none have been full of nuns.

That is, none until now, if the rumors are true.


Word is that there is some video with his wife on a panel with Louis Farrakhan sponsored by Rev. Wright at their (old) church.  During this particular video clip, the hopeful first lady is railing against “Whitey”.  Personally, I prefer to be called a cracker, but I’ll go with Whitey or even Da Man.  All the same, and if the rumor is true, because he can’t keep his racist, radical wife quiet, Mr. Obama may have finally come across that bus full of nuns.


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