Friday, June 06, 2008

I can't help but wonder...

There’s always the possibility that Hill is a sore loser and a bitter partisan, junk-yard dog type fighter who really thinks that the vote of the people and will of the electorate should be subverted by back-room party decisions.  That could be why she’s dragging her feet en-route to acknowledging what everybody else has known for weeks now.  (The irony of trying to hijack rules and subvert votes in the nomination fight, in light of the bitter protests from 2000, is just too delicious.)


But there’s also another possibility.


What if she KNOWS something.  You know, what if she KNOWS something about Obama that’s been, until now, kept from the public eye.  A string of illegitimate children, or a gay relationship, or the baggie of coke he has in his suit pocket, or a dead hooker(which reminds me of the SNL Eliot Spitzer skit), or two, or his wife’s lesbian lover, or an affiliation with the Black Panthers or Nation of Islam, or some other horrid, heinous revelation that she and her crew have dug up and are just waiting for the press to find out, too.  What if THAT’S why she’s dragging her feet, not conceding the race just yet, so that when it finally comes to light she can say “See!  I told you so, untested and unvetted he’s embarrassed the party.  Good thing I didn’t quit, isn’t it?!?”


I wonder if there’s any history of a party changing candidates post primary, pre-election (with the acknowledgement that the notable event in 1963 being post election and pre-inauguration, and not really a change in candidate, just a succession of elected officials), or if they just fold up shop after the basement full of dead hookers is revealed?


Blogger Gimpson said...

In 1972, McGovern's Veep pick was changed a few weeks after he was announced when it came out that he had received electroshock therapy for a mental condition.

However, I kind of doubt, given everything that happened in the primary, that Hillary is holding on to anything that could disqualify Obama as the nominee. She has ample back channels to make sure that anything she has that would be damaging gets out.

I feel the same way about the "Whitey" video. Show me the video, or I call BS.

That said, there's no reason the convention delegates couldn't nominate somebody besides Obama at the convention, even if Hillary did say something like "I officially end my campaign". It just is very, very unlikely to happen.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Brother Joe said...

For what it's worth, I'm thinking the same thing about the rumored "whitey" video.
While the video is likely bogus, what IS interesting, though, is that the notion even has traction. Consider, if there was a rumored video of Cindy McCain at some kind of klan rally, the idea would be dismissed from the start as completely absurd with no traction whatsoever. Given all that's already come out, Michelle Obama sitting on a panel with L.F. discussing "whitey" isn't considered far fetched.
That it is even considered a possibility is a bigger story than whether or not it's even true.

5:05 PM  

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