Monday, July 28, 2008

(un)Convinced yet?

Did you see the 5 point bounce the Sen. Obama got from his European trip?

What about the 2 point bounce?


Yea, me neither.  I’m honestly befuddled as to why this guy isn’t gaining traction.


All in all, the trip to Euroland and the Middle East (including his first ever visit with the general who’s [failed] surge was successfully implemented over the “no” vote of the same senator) was a success—he looked “presidential” (whatever that means) and didn’t screw anything up too badly (except appointing himself to the US Senate Banking Committee, oops). 

Yet, still nothing significant to show for it.  I think one poll had him ticking up a whole point by the end of the week.  1 whole point.  Not a statistically significant event.


It’s very curious indeed.  This guy should be up a lot more than that and well outside of the margin of error.


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