Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Full on news blackout

No news last night, no news tonight until after the polls close…  I’m just tired of it.  I’m tired of the complicity of the media in cheerleading for their guy.  I’m tired of the candidates holding me in great disdain and contempt.  I’m tired of being told what I think because of the color of my skin or status of my savings account.  I’m especially tired of stupid trolls trying to play retarded “gotcha” games.  I’m tired of trolls who are so convinced of my own demonic heritage and ignorance that they cannot see past their own ignorance.  I’m just flat out tired of it all.


I am not a statistic.


I am not a demographic.


I am not your caricature of your incorrect notions of what I believe.


I am tired of being treated as such.

This thing can break either way, and that’s pretty exciting.  Truth be told, and as I’ve stated before, were it not for the makeup of congress right now I might just have voted for Obama.  I am really, really interested in how he’d use the Presidency as a bully-pulpit.  Were it a more balanced, or even conservative congress, I might have voted for him again.  Conversely, were it a conservative congress I might have been less likely to vote for McCain, though I suspect his rather moderate stances (which look very conservative next to Obama’s) would have been a check on a congress leaning either way.


Any which way it breaks, this will be an EXTREMEMLY interesting 2 years.


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