Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's just clear something up real quick

Ok, there are some things that just are, then there are other things that just are not.


One thing that simply is would be the genetic makeup of a man and the genetic makeup of a woman.  Dudes have an “X” and a “Y”.  Chicks have a pair of “X”s.  (And a nice pair of “X”s, I might add, va va va voom!!)


I don’t care if you dress up like a dude, or cut your hair short, or take hormones that make you talk deep, you’re still a chick. 


You’re a chick that looks like a dude, sure, but you’re still a chick. 


You identify yourself as a man, sure.  But you’re still a chick.


You looking like, acting like, and for all intents and purposes presenting yourself like a man no more makes you a man than me getting a dark tan makes me a black guy.


Genetically speaking, you’re a chick.


(Editor’s caveat:  if you ACTUALLY have a pair of “X”s and a “Y”, then you’re not technically, or specifically, a dude or a chick, I suppose.  This particular screed has nothing to do with that particular curiosity.)


So, that said, the “pregnant man who is pregnant again”, is not now, and never has been, a dude.


He’s a chick.


Surgically altered and dressed to look like a dude, but genetically speaking, a chick.


And SHE is pregnant.  Chicks getting pregnant should not be an amazing thing to people.


Dear God, I think this world is going crazier and crazier by the day.


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