Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes, we have no bananas.

But we have plenty of nuts.


MSNBC is sharing a story about a couple in the UK that is getting divorced.

Big whoop, right?


She’s 28, he’s 40.  They met in an online chat room and got married in real life, and in a fantasy setting in Second Life (or, fake-life).


Both are completely pathetic.


This is where it gets good…


She caught him watching his fake-self having fake-sex with a fake-whore.  She then hired a fake-investigator to track her real-husband’s fake-self in fake-life to see if he was fake-cheating on her in fake-life.


Her fake-investigator didn’t find any wrong doing.  Of course, there’s still the matter of that fake-whore.


So, later on she again catches her real-husband watching his fake-self fake-screwing some fake-chick in fake-life.  He tells her he for-real doesn’t love her in for-real life and wants a for-real divorce.  Presumably he’ll get a fake-divorce, too.


Are these people completely stupid?


And can you get a computer virus from fake-screwing a fake-whore?


Ok, I get the fact that you can have very real affairs with people in very fake settings.  An extra-marital affair does not require actual copulation nor does it require really even having contact with another person.  An affair can simply be seeking someone to fulfill the role that a wife or husband should be filling within that relationship without the consent of the other—whether it be cooking, confidence, benefits, fantasy, or even sex.  Yes, you can have an affair with a book.  Yes, you can have an affair with football.  Yes, you can have an affair with a sex toy.  Yes, you can have an affair with a fake person.


What I don’t understand, though, is how do you derive pleasure from directing your fake-self to do something… whether it be go to the beach, buy clothes, drink beer, or have sex.  I just, simply, don’t, get it.


The flip side of that, if you’re the partner of one of these losers, why the hell don’t you just turn off the fucking computer?  It’s not hard.  There’s a button right there on the front.  There’s a plug right there in the back.  There’s a broadband connection right there at the wall.  These things do have off switches.  Or, even better, terminate the account.  Maybe a parental/spousal lock.  Maybe take some time to connect with your partner who has chosen AN INANIMATE OBJECT OVER WHAT SHOULD BE A REAL, LIVE HUMAN BEING!!!


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