Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still not panicking

I’m not sick and I’m not worried.  It’ll be ok…  deep breath, move along.


I’m going to dust off the old 2 wheeler this week.  Now that the seasonal bikers are done with their once-a-year bike ride I’ll be able to hit the trails and not worry about running into people who don’t know how to ride their bikes.  That’ll be a good feeling.  Tests are complete (mostly), presentations are complete, papers are written, now it’s time to unwind a bit, and unwind I will.  So that garden won’t get watered before noon.  It’ll survive.  Those projects that have been lining up will have to wait another few hours.  They’ll be there when I’m done.  Somewhere, somehow, the world will go on while I’m in the saddle.


Of course, that’s all assuming I actually make it out to go riding.  I still have to actually get the bike into the shop for a long overdue once over after the last time I took it out, rode it hard, and put it up wet.  The tires probably need replacing.  The chain needs cleaning and lubrication.  The cables need to be tightened and possibly replaced in some cases.  Hell, it might be easier to just go for a run.  Sigh.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about energy independence.  I’m no longer convinced that centralized power production and distribution is synonymous with “energy independence”.  It’s just shifting the dependence from one source to another.  More on that later.  Meanwhile, don’t panic.  Unless, of course, the completely unbiased and non-inflammatory news media tells you to.


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