Monday, April 13, 2009

Score one for the good guys!

Congratulations to the good guys for handily taking care of a few turds in the Indian Ocean.  I’m a big fan of snipers.  They work hard, have nerves of steel, and save bullets.  It’s a very cool thing they do to be able to reach out and get THAT one and ONLY that one.  One second you’re talking with your fellow terrorist turd, the next second laying face down in his cocoa puffs.  And to be able to do what they did—pick off a moving target on a moving platform from a moving platform in windy conditions—is flat out awesome.  Kudos to you, and kudos to the commander in chief who gave the authorization to actually do something.


The AP, by way of MSNBC, is telling us he passed his first international security test.

Which means that whole North Korea testing intercontinental ballistic missiles in clear violation of UN resolutions was either not an international incident, not related to security, or not a test.  It was just, I don’t know, maybe a thing that if nobody mentions it’ll just go away.  Until North Korea finally gets the technology right.  Just a few more “communications satellites” for their world beating satellite communications industry!


Coloring Easter eggs is a fun tradition for us—if you can call something done two years in a row a tradition.  The wee lad helps us pick out the colors for the eggs and helps us drop the eggs in the dye and has a grand old time making the eggs turn colors.  He doesn’t like to eat the eggs, though.  Odd bird, that one.


Anyway, this year he was actually old enough to comprehend the whole “find the Easter eggs” thing, so I decided that the Easter Bunny would sneak in on Easter morning before we went to celebrate our savior’s triumph over death and hide all of the wee lad’s eggs.  In their place the bunny left a small handful of candy.


Junior comes downstairs—still a little groggy—and relaxes with the missus on the couch for a second, then points and says “mama, an egg!”  He spotted the first egg.  I go to the kitchen to get the egg carton and explain that the bunny must have come and hidden all his eggs.


His eyes get big, his lip pouts out, and he starts to panic.  “MAMA!  EASTER BUNNY ATE ALL MY EGGS!!”


We calm him down and quickly explain that the Easter bunny didn’t EAT the eggs, he HID the eggs.  The tears stop, crisis was averted, and all was again well with the world.  We even found all the eggs before the dog ate any of them.


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