Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 4--Security inaction

The inaction watch continues today to day 4.  It’s beginning to look like the UNSC might ACTUALLY do absolutely nothing at all, which is even less than a sternly worded nothing.  Stunning.


At the very least, if they were to acknowledge that they’re powerless to prevent North Korea from doing whatever the hell North Korea wants to do (as it was powerless against Iraq, previously, and Iran, currently), then they’d be doing something.  If they were to acknowledge that the only thing sanctions have succeeded in doing is keeping an entire nation’s population impoverished and 3 decades behind the rest of us, that’d be something.  If they were to finally decide to back up their “or else” with a real, live, honest to goodness “or else” (as only 2 members of the UNSC were willing to do against Iraq, previously), then that would be something.


But to continue to starve the people of North Korea under the premise that all the previous nothing you’ve already done will work only if you continue to do more nothing, well, that’s just stupid.


Seems the only thing that even remotely worked was cutting off this turd’s access to cash by threatening to cut banks that worked with him off from the US banking system, but we were the fools to think he was actually negotiating in good faith.  Or, maybe he was negotiating in good faith (at the time) because he thought he was negotiating with an administration that not only carried a big stick, but was willing to use it.  Apparently when “words must have meaning” today, the meaning is “yea, we’re not going to enforce anything until you actually blow up something.  Aim better, then we’ll act.”  Sorry, Seattle.  Sorry LA.  Looks like you’re going to be the canary in this coal mine.


So come on, guys, shit or get off the pot.  Either enforce the resolutions or drop the sanctions all together.  Continuing to do nothing simply isn’t working.


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