Friday, May 01, 2009

And the hits keep coming

The semester is FINALLY winding down and I’m can start diverting my attention to more pedestrian pursuits over the next few weeks (until the summer session starts).  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all my spare time.

- -

I am thoroughly amused at the restructuring efforts of GM and Chrysler.  It looks like the unions are going to own a significant share and be the largest shareholder of both companies.  At last check it was 55% of Chrysler and somewhere near 35% to 45% of GM.




There used to be signs in stores saying “if you break it you buy it”.  The unions have done a very good job of protecting their members and destroying these companies.  It’s about damn time management said “fine, it’s yours.  Run it into the ground on your own time.”  If the unions can manage to do something they’ve never done before—that is, successfully run a company—hooray for them.  If not, it’s sad, but fully deserved.  Good luck, guys.  You broke it, now you’ve bought it.


If only they could figure out how to build a car that was actually worth the amount of money they had to charge to make a profit on each unit.  If only.  Then they wouldn’t be dependent on financing and they could actually sell cars, not just build them.

- -

Arlen Specter leaving the GOP makes me chuckle.  It would have been much, much cooler to see him pull a Lieberman, and run as an independent if the extremists in his party managed to dislodge him from his seat without a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the general election.  Maybe they’d have gotten together and formed a centrist party.  That would have been much cooler.


But I take what I can get.  Meanwhile, this could be the dreaded 60 vote majority if Coleman finally gives up the ghost in Minnesota.  Having all 60 in the Senate (though all 60 votes are not a rock solid guarantee) could finally be the last little bit that acts as the catalyst for honest to God opposition, rather than mere noise making and pant wetting.  Time will tell.  Until then, it looks like we’ll have no choice but to try to steer the dems down a moderate path.

- -

But the real story on everyone’s mind is the swine flu pandemic that is killing everybody everywhere (AAAHHH!!!).


Oh, wait…  it’s not killing everybody?  There’s only 109 cases in all of the United States?  Not 109,000?  Not 109,000,000?  Just 109?  As in 10 tens, plus 9?  Really?  Hm…  I was being led to believe that this was a big deal.  Nevermind, then.


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