Friday, September 25, 2009


I thought when we hired Obama he’d make a speech in the middle east, close Guantanamo, and then all the terrorists would quit because the President is no longer GWB (who was the problem to begin with) and everyone would be all kissy face with us.


Then we had the most deadly month ever in Afghanistan.

Then we had a big terrorist cell get busted by the feds.

Then we had a guy decide he was going to blow up a sky scraper.

Then we had a guy decide he was going to blow up a truck bomb.


What the fuck?

I thought all we had to do was be nice and these nutters would love us.  After all, WE’RE the problem, not them, right?  I mean, that’s the bill of goods we were sold.  If only WE would be better world citizens and if only WE would quit antagonizing them and if only WE would be more like Europe then THEY wouldn’t want to kill us for no good fucking reason.


But they still want to kill us.


Maybe GWB wasn’t the problem after all.


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