Monday, January 15, 2007

3 quick shots

First off, congrats to all who ran, walked, crawled, or otherwise finished (or attempted) the full and half marathons.  To those who just did 5k, step it up next year.  I’ll be going down the blogroll to see how everyone did, so make a good story out of your misery.


Second, since the marathon is officially over it means cycling season has officially started.  Just to prove how manly I am I’m considering going on a bike ride either this evening or tomorrow morning.  Besides, what’s a little frostbite?  Not like it’ll kill me, right?


Next, the war has started, but I’m not going to say any more about that.  So, since nothing is going to be said about that…


Third and finally, did you know people are still bitching about Pluto being downgraded from “planet” to “dwarf-planet” status?  I don’t know what all the fuss was to begin with.  Pluto being a planet doesn’t affect anything, anywhere, for anyone, ever.  It’s not like we have relatives on Pluto or anything.  It’s not like your city just became unincorporated, or your neighborhood just got annexed by some other city.  It’s a freakin’ rock on the edge of the solar system some bajillion miles away.  What do you care if it gets busted down to “Dwarf-Planet” or “Asteroid” or “space rock” or flying piece of doo?

I think some people just go out and find things to be mad about.  Get over it.


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