Thursday, June 28, 2007

A chuckley day

I may run when I get home.  I’m likely not going to, though.


But meanwhile…


Today has been one of those days when you hear stuff around the office that taken out of context can make you just chuckle.


I come around the corner and hear the assistant say “I need Dick”.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you stop dead in your tracks.  After all, she’s not hard on the eyes.
But she’s talking on the phone and asking for someone named Richard… I think.


The receptionist is talking to someone on the phone and says “yea, they just keep coming in spurts”.

Certainly talking about … um… phone calls, maybe?


I’m delivering a folder with documents to be signed later in the afternoon and the document signer’s assistant says “just put it in my slot.”

Her “slot” is the vertical inbox she has for documents to be signed.


Seriously… three in one day?  Seriously.




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