Thursday, November 01, 2007

New idea

I’m pondering a new idea.


364 days.

364 miles.

7 miles a week.

Just over 30 miles (on average) per month.


Sure, it doesn’t seem like much to you uberrunners out there, but remember the name of the blog?  That’s right.  I hate running.  For ya’ll 1 mile is a good warmup.  For me 1 mile is just an agonizing waste of time.  ESPECIALLY if I have to do one each and every day.




But, it might get me back out on the road and it might help me drop some excess LBs that I’ve been carrying.  A quick 10 minutes (should dwindle down towards 6 by the end of the year) each morning might be a good way to wake up.  Plus a single mile should be pretty easy to make up on weekends or evenings if I’m sick or out of town or whatnot.  Or, more importantly, 1 mile is pretty easy to grab at just about any time of the day whether on vaca or sick or whatnot.  Some days I might not even have to change clothes (colder days, not hotter days).


It’d be a different kind of endurance challenge, and very much in line with that whole “running is a metaphor” type of thing.  Hhmmm…