Friday, November 21, 2008

This has me SEETHING

CAUTION:  the following is NOT for the faint of heart.


Here’s the direct link:


British law forbids the release of the identities of abusive parents or some such clap, so in case the link gets broken somehow, here’s a reprint of the information:


Friday, 14 November 2008

Tracey Connelly and Steven and Jason Barker

The people who killed Baby Peter



Eight broken ribs and a broken back, with another area of bleeding around the spine at neck level.


Numerous bruises, cuts and abrasions, including a deep tear to his left ear lobe, which had been pulled away from his head.


Severe lacerations to the top of his head, including a large gouge which could have been caused by a dog bite.


Blackened finger- and toenails, with several nails missing; the middle finger of his right hand was without a nail and its tip was also missing, as if it had been sliced off.


A tear to his fraenulum, the strip of skin between the middle of the upper lip and the gum, which had partially healed.


One of his front teeth had also been knocked out and was found in his colon. He had swallowed it.

Peter Connelly R.I.P

UPDATE: 14:47 20/11/08

Breaking News

"The Government has refused to release a detailed report into the mistakes made by authorities in the Baby P case. A serious case review was carried out after the little boy died in a blood-splattered cot in Haringey, north London, in August last year.He had suffered more than 50 injuries at the hands of his abusive mother, her boyfriend and a lodger despite repeated visits by the authorities.A 15-page summary of the serious case review was published at the end of an Old Bailey trial last week.

But the Information Commissioner has ruled that the full report cannot be made available to opposition MPs because of the risk of identifying the professionals involved, the House of Commons has heard.

There are fears that releasing reports might lead to professionals who make mistakes in child welfare refusing to co-operate with serious case reviews, MPs were told."

Unbelieveable. I predict a riot.

ANOTHER UPDATE Ed Balls told Parliament that he couldn't release the report on Baby P because his hands were tied by the Information Ministry

They have just released THIS in denial

Lying to Parliament Ed? What are you hiding?






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Thud said...

There is something about this case that is making me feel angrier than any other similar type atrocities in the last few years...the feeling that nobody cares that we have sunk as a society to such a level is making me feel powerless and incredibly bitter.

14 November 2008 12:38

Shirking From Home said...


14 November 2008 12:43

Old Holborn said...


14 November 2008 12:43

marksany said...

I cannot comprehend how people can do that. What makes them do it. Or, more worryingly, what stops the rest of us?

14 November 2008 12:48

James said...

These people are utter scum, no redeeming features whatsoever. I am seething at what they did, but I also know that difficult cases make bad laws...

How long before some wanker in power suggests social workers need more intrusive powers simply because they didn't use the ones they already had properly?

They came to check on the state of child and it was covered in creams so they couldn't see its skin. How about "clean the cream off please, I need to examine him' Torquemada?!

Of course, if you smoke and are a loving family, they will fight tooth and nail to stop you adopting another child into your loving middle class white family.

The utter, utter shits.

14 November 2008 12:49

ranter said...

The bit that amde me angrier and deeply sad was the fact that this poor child hjad been trained to put his head onto the floor when one particular piece of scum came in to the room. I presume the information was obtained via questioning. I don't know why, there is something so appallingly sad, so awful in this one piece of information that has made me at times want to cry...really. A 17 month old child that needed love, warmth, safety, care must have been in so much utter fear. There must have been times when he reached out to them for that love and affection. It really is so heartbreaking. I really am at a loss as to how, after so many similar cases over the years, and so many public enquiries by eminent people, so many lessons that should have been learned , that Baby P had such an appalling and short life.
I wish I beleived in God so that I could think he was in a better place.

14 November 2008 12:49

electro-kevin said...

Looking rather like the scuzzies I encountered on my morning jog today:

"A couple of scuzzies have moved into a nearby shelter right beside the park where my boys play.

I'd noticed that the litter had got bad down the back alley on my daily jogs - today was the first time I saw them. I didn't confront them, this was strictly intelligence gathering - I picked up every detail about them that I could to pass on to the police. I was so subtle they didn't notice I was doing it. Horrible - she gaunt and clearly drug-addled - he muscular and intimidating with nasty Millwall tattoos on both sides of his neck. Perhaps it's unChristian of me to condemn people down on their luck - but this is clearly a case of self determination; collect nasty tattoos above your collar and expect to find your opportunities limited.

These are the very last people a parent wants to see where their children play. So a report has gone in to the local police station. If they don't act sharpish then I will...

I've a container of dirty engine oil I've been meaning to get rid of for some while - I also have a full face balaclava ... please don't ask me why. ;-) "

There IS something very wrong with Britain, isn't there ?

14 November 2008 12:55

Mike said...

I feel sick every time I read about the injuries caused to Baby P. I'm the first one to joke "won't someone please think of the children", but I can see I've been wrong on that. Frankly, I hope they all get slotted in prison.

14 November 2008 12:58

Deep Throat said...

A Haringey councillor insisted days after Baby P's death that "much had changed" at the authority since the murder of Victoria Climbie.

Liz Santry, the council's cabinet member for children and young people, used an email to criticise the media for linking the two tragedies.

The message was sent to all Haringey councillors 10 days after Baby P died.

Liz Santry, you are incompetent, dangerous and a deadly threat to children. Resign, Fuck Off and do it sharpish.

14 November 2008 13:02

Old Holborn said...

Liz Santry?

Evil bitch

Send her an email if you like

14 November 2008 13:09

Andrew said...

removes the need to be educated - the state will support you

removes any motive to work - the state will support you

removes personal responsibility - the state will be responsibile for you

removes family support - you don't need your family, you have the state to support you

removes pride, self respect and respect for others - because who can have these qualities when they're not self reliant - You rely on the state

and most of all, welfare removes human dignity and leaves you with the truly pathetic

It is, indirectly, welfare that has led us to this appalling crime by creating the creatures that perpetrated it - it must be dismantled

14 November 2008 13:25

Anonymous said...

Well done everyone, we seem to know all the answers as usual.

But it will happen again and again...

14 November 2008 13:30

SaltedSlug said...

Yep. 'Cause we're not in charge, see?
Now fuck off Mongtroll.

14 November 2008 13:46

The Penguin said...

I already sent the oily bitch an email, funny I've not had a reply from either her of the harridan Shoesmith.

Your sources are excellent, OH, let's keep this in the public eye so they can't hide behind "ongoing enquiries and reports". To think that 4 ministers and the supposed watchdog ignored warnings just 6 months before that poor little mite was killed beggars belief.

Even worse is to think, what if Peter Connolly had survived and grown up himself, thinking this was a normal upbringing?

How many out there are "damaged goods" thanks to the useless scum who should have been sterilised, not allowed to have children.

Welfare State? Makes me feel physically sick, I'm so fucking angry. Fucking cunting do-gooders.

The Penguin
Penguinus Wellfuckingcross

14 November 2008 13:46

Old Holborn said...

You may have noticed that Jason Barker was called Jason Owen by the press

To protect his brother apparently

Currently trying to find out who decided to give the order to misinform us.

14 November 2008 13:53

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The details are twisting me up inside.

Thanks for keeping it going, though. I find myself wanting to see the filth that did this very nastily punished.

14 November 2008 13:53

The Penguin said...

Well, as was discussed some where else (forget where, probably the red mist of fury affecting my memory) the likelihood is that the other prisoners will be only too happy to ensure that these scum get to learn what pain is all about before they are found hung in their cells - obviously suidice, officer - but please NOT TOO SOON!! Have them living in fear for at least 17 months before killing them.

The Penguin
Penguinus JusticeforPeterplease

14 November 2008 14:01

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Mr Fawkes has a daughter of the same age, everytime I think of her I think of that child, altghough everytime she meets me she bursts into tears (as does Mr Fawkes)
Serious,we are governed by evil cunts, thats why they wont bring back the death penalty

14 November 2008 14:02

Sir Henry Vlad Morgan said...

"The people who killed Baby Peter"

They're not people.

There is one bright spot - I think we can be confident none of them will die of old age. Nobody has a more profound sense of righteous justice than a hardened con. I doubt if they'll be safe even on the nonce wing. And their deaths will not come easily or painlessly. Can't imagine the turnkeys making any special efforts on their behalf.

14 November 2008 14:08

The Penguin said...

Funny how doing a google for the mother's name turns up so many leads which when followed, have been "cleansed".

Though not he BBC, down to stupidity I expect.

Seems the censors are a bit behind the times with technology, and didn't realise that old web pages hang around...

Fucking Bastards.

The Penguin
Penguinus Angryasfuckandgettingangrier

14 November 2008 14:13

Old Holborn said...

UPDATE: Rumours are circulating that David Cameron is going to do a David Davis and resign over the Baby Peter issue. Apparently he is making an announcement at 3pm. We will see

14 November 2008 14:22

The Penguin said...

Good to see that the shitstorm is beginning to reach the in-tray of Ed "So Weak" Balls. Pass the fucking parcel and tick the fucking boxes whilst doing fuck all substantive that could make a fucking difference, well Eddie boy, the fucking buck is coming home, and it is large and steaming and isn't going to be hidden away.

The Penguin
Penguinus Thinkstheyareallcunts

14 November 2008 14:45

Umbongo said...

Just a thought: these people have the vote. The LibDems, the usual suspects and the EU, of course, want them to be able to vote even when convicted and imprisoned - it's their "human rights" you see!

14 November 2008 14:53

The Penguin said...

Well well, an inspection carried out by a former colleague...

The Penguin
Penguinus Morecynicalbytheday

14 November 2008 15:08

Anthony said...

I was a copper for thirty years but I never in all that time saw something so inherently evil as that which was inflicted on that child.

Someone would surely have tripped up the steps on the way to the charge room!!

14 November 2008 15:12

Edward said...

According to that Telegraph story and this from the BBC

Jason Owen / Barker / whatever the fuck he is called had a 15 year old girlfriend living wih him.

15 - over half his age.

So Haringey Council social workers condone pediaphilia, do they?

Utter cunts!

14 November 2008 16:16

The Penguin said...

They have just published a photo of Peter Connelly on the Standard's website. Apparently taken by his child minder. What was the child minder doing giving the poor mite back to the bastards?

The Penguin
Penguinus Sickatheartatallthis

14 November 2008 16:40

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've ever seen three people I wanted to be horribly beaten so much in my entire life.

My job (without going into specifics) means I see a lot of truly horrific things. Sad to say, you eventually become desensitised to a lot of it. But this? I can barely stomach opening the newspaper to even glance at the details.

Bastards. Absolute fucking bastards.

14 November 2008 16:49

defender said...

What a disgusting tradegy. Heads should roll and I mean rolled in the true sense of the word.
I smell Common Purpose all over this mess and the massive attempt to shirk responsibility.

14 November 2008 17:22

passer by said...

Some crimes are so heinous, so beyond the pale, that the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage by meting out the ultimate punishment." US President elect B. Obama.

If only we had the option?

14 November 2008 18:05

Guthrum said...

'Baby P' just dehumanises Peter, how bloody convienient for the drones in Haringay

14 November 2008 18:14

Anonymous said...

You know what scares me the most; that Labour will use this as an excuse to pass more draconian legislation, instead of ensuring that the existing legislationis followed.

What's the bet that all children will now be taken into custody and raised by Social Workers who, after all, know best

14 November 2008 18:32

Sir Henry Vlad Morgan said...

Well Penguin - al Beeb has cleaned out the first link you posted.

14 November 2008 18:38

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Thanks OH for putting names and faces to these vermin and their victim.
Who was it that coined the phrase " the banality of evil " ?
Those three just look so bloody normal for chavs, if a bit worse for wear.

I escaped from Haringey thirty years ago but even then the local authority ( having failed to ruin my education ) was staffed by 'right-on' tossers and this is the result. I interacted with them as little possible but won't say more so as not to demean the memory of poor Peter. R.I.P.

14 November 2008 18:39

Billy Wallace said...

Little baby P’s face should never be forgotten.

his poor little face must be used to remind people that the system killed him

14 November 2008 18:49

Anonymous said...

I think special hatred should also be reserved for Sharon Shoesmith. She felt she and her department had nothing to apologise for. What a callous evil bitch.

14 November 2008 18:54

Anonymous said...

Why have the BBC removed their original post detailing the information? Rewriting history again?

14 November 2008 20:33

Old Holborn said...

I thank you all for your contributions

Old Holborn has SIX children, SIX complete bastards who have to date run him ragged, sunk boats, set fire to the house, painted themselves green, adopted a hedgehog and kept it under the bed for a week, put a bikini on the dog, pushed me out of a tree, shaved the cat and personally taken two MPV's and a house to pieces.

That's why we have them, isn't it?

14 November 2008 20:36

crackers said...

No apology from Shoesmith. Are you surprised? Shoesmith is already planning and plotting for a big payoff so will not say anything that may be used in evidence against her.
We have created a bureaucratic managerial system which feeds on itself and is more important than what its supposed purpose is.
The more layers and agencies created to do something the more likely it is that nothing will be done. The murder will be blamed on systems failure and hence we have sentenced another child to torture and death. The fucking do gooder moralising political and media class have as much blood on their hands as the case worker.
Best outcome is for the two male murderers to be beaten and scarred for life. Likewise the mother.
As for Shoesmith she will walk into another job with an out of court settlement of £250k. There is always a winner in these cases.

14 November 2008 20:45

Womble On Tour said...

I hope the bastards wh did this get seriously, seriously beaten up in prison.

14 November 2008 21:00

Anonymous said...

Original post that was removed from the Beeb can be found here - might be worth someone getting a copy whle they can

14 November 2008 21:06

Anonymous said...

Fortunately my masters do no permit me to encounter such people - they know I would peel them. RIP baby P may the grace of God permit you the peace you were denied here.

14 November 2008 21:08

Anonymous said...

And why the fuck was one of those evil bastards allowed bail initially? FFS!
OH, I took up your invitation & emailed Liz Santry - I do not think she will be pleased with my comments on her actions, trying to blame the media etc. Trolls tend not to like descriptions like 'self serving' etc.

14 November 2008 21:20

Anonymous said...

Why is Haringey council trying to gag brave Nevres Kemal?

14 November 2008 21:20

Shirking From Home said...

Where was Children in Need for this poor bugger?


14 November 2008 21:35

Anonymous said...

"Why is Haringey council trying to gag brave Nevres Kemal?"

First rule of Common Purpose, don't mention Common Purpose.

Second rule of Common Purpose, DON'T mention Common Purpose!

Guido think they're a joke. I'm telling you they're not. It's their organisation that has allowed this sort of cronyism to insidiously destroy our public institutions. It's all part of the plan. Undermine confidence in public bodies so that we seek the comfort of more authoritarian Government. You think the Maddy McCann case just happened?

V for Vendetta had it about right, but unfortunately, as always, truth is always stranger than fiction.

14 November 2008 21:40

Old Holborn said...


I'm doing some very, very deep research on Common Purpose.

It ain't pretty

14 November 2008 21:42

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Inspector Gadget's Blog (your Guest Blog of Wed 12th Nov) is tonight seemingly censoring references / links back to your Blog?

Comments that include you web address & the names of the miscreants mysteriously fail to 'appear' on his/her site.

14 November 2008 22:10

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Archives is a good place to start. al Beeb is interesting. There's hundreds of the CP fuckers in there

14 November 2008 22:14

Anonymous said...

Well let's examine that OH with just a couple of examples.

Robert Peston - Common Purpose graduate, and business editor of the BBC who is facing a possible investigation by the serious fraud office after his reports caused widespread panic in the market over the Lloyds/HBOS deal which has had reverberations around the world.

Cressida Dick - officer in charge on the day Jean Charles de Menezes was assassinated in London who is has faced heavy criticism during the ongoing inquest

And this document which somehow, as if by sheer coincidence, somewhow manages to mention both Sharon Shoesmith, Julia Winstanley AND common purpose (albeit as a phrase) all in the same document...

Now, come on. Put the pieces together people.

14 November 2008 22:15

Anonymous said...

Silly me. Here's the doc;

14 November 2008 22:16

Anonymous said...


14 November 2008 22:17

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Can send scores of relevant links too. Google Philip Davies and read the answers to his parliamentary questions about how much gov depts have given CP

14 November 2008 22:18

in memory of Peter Connelly said...

Copy of original post mentioned by mentioned by anonymous 21:06

A pregnant mother has pleaded not guilty to her 17-month-old son's murder, the Old Bailey has heard.

Tracey Connelly, 25, of Penshurst Road, Tottenham, north London, also denies allowing or failing to prevent Peter Connelly's death.

Her partner Steven Barker, 31, denies the same charges. Mr Barker's brother Jason, 35, denies allowing or causing the death of a child under 16.

Peter was declared dead at North Middlesex Hospital on 3 August.

A post-mortem examination carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital proved inconclusive and further tests were due to be carried out.

Detectives were called to the hospital after concerns were raised by staff, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Ms Connelly, who is due to give birth to another child in March, and Mr Barker appeared in court via video link.

The pair have been remanded in custody until their trial begins on 9 June.

Mr Jason Barker, of Wittersham Road, Bromley, Kent, was granted conditional bail.

14 November 2008 22:31

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Re the Harridangay document - key words to CP:

"Networked Learning Communities (NLC)"
"working smarter together"
"common purpose"
"key staff"
"leaders" (that one's a dead giveaway)

Words and phrases that keep cropping up in anything to do with CP. This Harridangay document is pure CP-speak. Wouldn't surprise me if everyone at that meeting was a CP 'Graduate'. And now you know what is meant when you see the word 'Graduate' in a Guardian public service job ad.

14 November 2008 22:44

Anonymous said...

Jon Gaunt - suspended for calling a Tory councillor a Nazi because of Redbridge Council's ban on smokers' adopting children

Sharon Shoesmith - oversaw the death of Peter Connelly under her watch and is still in her job.

This country is fucked up man.

14 November 2008 22:53

Gordon said...

I'm afraid I know very little about common purpose (mainly the rantings of the man on Guido's message boards) - is there actually anything to link them to the coverup here at all, or are they just being smeared as a nice target given the horrific nature of this case?

14 November 2008 23:34

electro-kevin said...

What a beautiful kid.

How awful.

15 November 2008 00:16

AngryDave said...

A slow painful death is more than these evil cunts deserve!!!!

I only hope that poor little Peter finds the peace in death that he never got in his too short life. R.I.P little man.

15 November 2008 00:20

Sir Henry Morgan said...

What they're saying about this story in Russia. They seem to have a better grasp on it than our meda:

15 November 2008 00:48

John Pickworth said...

That John BARNCASTLE from Pravda definitely needs to make an appointment with a good counselor.

Not least because Russia has a pretty piss poor record when it comes to killing kids... and for that matter kids who kill.

Great find Sir Henry but just remember this is a mouthpiece columnist, not proper journalism.

15 November 2008 01:14

Oswald Bastable said...

I'm blinking back tears as I read this.

I want- no- need- to physically punish these scum with my bare hands!

15 November 2008 01:21

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Maybe so john, but do you dispute the veracity of anything in that article? Because unless you do then all you're doing is engaging in the Muslim practise of Tu Coque. i.e. - how' dare you criticise what I did today cosidering what you did yesterday. And where in the British media were we told this bit of info:

"Who, or rather what, was behind this saga? The 32-year-old boyfriend of the child’s 27-year-old mother, who together with a paedophile lodger, who lived with a 15-year-old, stood by and watched as the Nazi, knife-collecting illiterate unemployed psychopath systematically brutalised and tortured a 17-month-old boy to death, the same man who had been arrested for torturing his dying grandmother in an attempt to get her to change her will."

Doesn't matter what the Russian record is when it comes to passing judgement on what modern-day PC Britain has become.

15 November 2008 01:42

it's either banned or compulsory said...

caution OH, please censor this if you see fit That Pravda aricle is rather surprising for a supposedly 'Communnist' organ; all that caring and sharing.
"the doctor, one Sabah Alzayyat,... he or she was incapable of diagnosing the slight and paltry detail of a snapped spine. ... Where did Dr. Sabah get the diploma?... was it from the University of Ungabangaland? How typically British that this joke, this excuse for healthcare professional, was allowed to practise medicine. It was probably enough to be foreign to be admitted, as one can see when one lands at Heathrow or Gatwick airport, where the visitor to England will be confronted by a fat Afro-Caribbean official slumped in a chair with his legs apart and his flies open, telling the weary travellers to “hurry up”, and be attended by a weird and wonderful myriad of creatures with turbans, shadors and the like, who are responsible for saying who gets into Britain. It would not be at all surprising next Christmas to be confronted by some woman in a burqah who refuses entry because one does not know how to reply to the greeting Salaam Aleikhum!

OH, please feel free to delete this if you think it necessary ( to appease our new Stasi masters ).

15 November 2008 04:09

Rog said...

I cannot tell you how much I hate the bastards that DID this, and also the ones that ALLOWED this.

As has been mentioned... total fucking scum. No, not enough.

The total sickness already felt was compounded when I saw the blurry photo of the murdered boy tonight. He looked like my lad did, not too long ago.

I would seriously kill those responsible myself. I might feel bad about it sometime later, but I would still see it as a necessary task. The difference between animals and humans maybe?

With all my heart, I hope that there's an afterlife, and Peter is having an excellent time.

15 November 2008 04:48

captain skint said...

How much is daddy gonna sue for? Funny how they always love them so much.

15 November 2008 05:07

John Pickworth said...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Maybe so john, but do you dispute the veracity of anything in that article?

I'm not disputing the details, although to be honest I rather found myself laughing at the ranty way it was written. The author seems more (indeed soley) concerned with knocking Britain than anything else - not that knocking Britain is a banned sport of course.

As for the information you highlighted, that is already part of the record and has been widely reported here over the past few days.

Had this piece been a proper editorial, journalistic item or article I'd have been more impressed... actually, no, I would have been pissed off at the Russian media but as its just a column, I didn't take it too seriously (the tone I'm talking about, not the details).

Like I said though, given Russia's record of State care for kids, I'm not going to take any lessons from them.

15 November 2008 06:26

Anonymous said...

I've just been browsing the newspapers & one of them says (I should have noted which one) that SS didn't even know that the two blokes were living in the house - because that would have reduced the fragrant Tracey's benefits & she may be thick & stupid & a complete piece of shit but she's not that stupid. UK benefits system - ain't it just a fine thing. Those who fall on hard times through no fault of their own are left to starve/lose their homes while the scum of the country sit in front of their 42 ins plasma screen & abuse their kids - courtesy of the taxpayer. M'm isn't Socialism as managed by our freak PM a wonderful thing? I feel much better for that little rant. What would make me feel even better is to hear that these 3 got beaten to within an inch of their miserable lives in prison, preferably with permanent crippling or loss of sight/limb etc & that Gordon's plane, bringing him back from his role of international statesman (international joke more like) had crashed, killing him & his lackeys - crew escaped OK. Oh well, I can wish. P.S as the Haringey whistleblower letters went to the Dept of Children & Families to be ignored shouldn't that add Beverley Hughes & Blinky Balls onto the P45 queue?

15 November 2008 07:12

The Penguin said...

There are plenty of people desperately trying to pass the buck.

Blinky Balls
Patricia Hewitt
Beverley Hughes
Juliet Winstanley
Sharon Shoesmith
Liz Santry
Commission for Social Care Inspection
Department for Education and Skills
Haringey Council's Legal Dept
Rosie Winterton
Ivan Lewis
David Lammy,
Lord Lamming
Cecilia Hitchen
The Permanent Secretary of the DCSF

I'm sure you can find many more!

The Penguin
Penguinus Wouldjoinalynchmob

15 November 2008 09:52

Anonymous said...

o/h more about cp and mandy.

15 November 2008 10:00

The Penguin said...

From the Independent:
"What happened to the whistleblower's letter?

*Patricia Hewitt, then Secretary of State for Health She saidyesterday that she did not see the letter, which was passed to the Department for Education, which was responsible for social services.

*Rosie Winterton, junior Health minister Yesterday, her office referred all calls to the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

*Ivan Lewis, then junior Health minister Mr Lewis could not be contacted for comment yesterday.

*David Lammy, constituency MP Could not be contacted for comment.

*David Mundell, MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, who was sent a copy Could not be contacted for comment.

*Dame Denise Platt, chair of the Commission for Social Care Inspectors Passed letter to a colleague. The issues were raised at a meeting on 21 March 2007.

*David Behan, former chief inspector of the Commission for Social Care Inspectors

His successor, Paul Snell, passed it to the same person as Dame Denise did."

I have another question - what was wrong withthe father? If, as he claims, he loved his son and saw him regularly, how the fuck come he didn't notice Peter's injuries, his changing personality, and why did he not take action? Or is he a complete inadequate?

There's more shit still under the carpet. And unpleasant though it is, it's going to have the spotlight on it, there's too much public outrage for this to be covered up any longer, the numbers on facebook for example are astonishing.

And with all those ministerial fingerprints over it, it won't help the snotgobbler's chances.

The Penguin
Penguinus Hopingforabloodbath

15 November 2008 10:59

electro-kevin said...

Let's be very careful about this though, OH.

You can just guarantee that Social Services and government will swing the other way in response to public outrage ...

... it won't just be abusers having their kids removed or their parenting brought into question.

MORE control.

The answer is to make the punishment SO severe that the bastards don't do it in the first place. It won't stop the psychos but it WILL stop the copy-cats,

30 years of liberalism has failed abjectly. A climate of anything goes has caused this.

15 November 2008 11:24

The Penguin said...

Another question.

Just who defended these animals in their legal case? Someone obviously helped them try to get off as light as possible, in the teeth of the most horrendous evidence (even allowing for Haringey Council failing to disclose lots of evidence until the judge insisted at the start of the court case itself, surely a serious breach of the law in itself? You or I would be prosecuted for it, that's for fucking sure)

So who are these legal mercenaries, and how do they sleep at night? Yes, I know there's a public requirement for even the worst bastards to have legal representation, but shouldn't the legal advice have been, "Look, there's no way that this is defensible, just acknowledge that and plead guilty, or get yourself another solicitor / barrister" End of.

The Penguin
Penguinus Wishingicouldforgetallthis

15 November 2008 11:32

haddock said...

"How much is daddy gonna sue for? Funny how they always love them so much"
must go down as one of the most cuntish things ever said on a blog. A guy has had his son murdered, the son who looked to him for love and hugs. I assume, captain skint, you have, have not had, or will not ever have any children.... there is probably not one man reading this blog, who has had children of his own, who would not pick up that boy and give him a hug if the kid puts his arms up to him, not one would not wonder at the feeling of a kid snuggled up with arms around your neck. and feeling warm and safe... fucking hell, most blokes would put down their beer and stop watching television to do it.
you are not geoff hoon are you?... I hear that he's one too.

15 November 2008 11:33

fuchsia groan said...

I think EK has a point. The MPs who received copies of 1984 were able to tell themselves is was all the work of a small pressure group, LPUK. That is why Tom Harris was claiming civil liberties don't matter to most people. He is,of course, very wrong, but seems unable to believe it.

15 November 2008 11:40

woman on a raft said...

Haddock - a measure of cautious cynicism about the father is warranted.

He's not on trial, but because he owed the child a duty of care, it is theoretically possible he could be unless he establishes that he had no reason for suspicion. He also fulfills a role for the social workers as it helps establish that if the father could see no reason for alarm then they could not be expected to have detected anything in their briefer contacts.

You are making some optimistic assessments of what fatherhood means in some sectors of Britain. You will note that his statement came via a solicitor. That's probably wise in a legal PR terms, but then again, why has he got a solicitor?

15 November 2008 11:43

The Penguin said...

"What has remained untold is the extent to which the council went to cover this up from the very beginning.

In the first days of the trial, Haringey's costly barrister tried to prevent this story ever being told. Perhaps realising this was another Victoria Climbie case, the council argued they should not be named in the trial.

It is almost unbelievable they thought it would be possible to hide the name of the borough where this happened and devolve themselves of public scrutiny and responsibility. Thankfully the judge dismissed this argument.

But a month into the trial, Haringey lawyers hampered proceedings yet again. The trial had to be postponed for a day because the council had not produced vital documents to the judge or the lawyers involved. Hours were wasted arguing why it should not release this evidence from its sticky paws into the public domain. Again it lost."

The Penguin
Penguinus Stilldiggingandstilloutraged

15 November 2008 12:01

haddock said...

woman on a raft, I have been in the position of a father denied access to a son, it is not nice.... I had all sorts of shit thrown at me by the mother....allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse etc etc ....( standard stuff among the vermin that are called solicitors ) I'm not at all surprised he has one of them to speak for him... there is every possibility of the defence that "it happened when he was with his father"

15 November 2008 12:02

Anonymous said...

So all the heads of Haringey schools have come out in support of Sharon Shoesmith. Tempted to file FOI request on every one of the bastards to see if they have attended Common Purpose training. Anyone care to take a wager?

15 November 2008 12:10

captain skint said...

Haddock man - it may be an incredibly cuntish thing to say and I kinda apologize for it.

Perhaps as woman on a raft said I am being cynical and you're right I don't have any kids and recognize that fathers for justice are perhaps some of the most disenfranchised members of the child protection system.

I dunno - I've just got this feeling that he's a complete twat but not having met the guy I guess its mere speculation.

Soz for any offence.

15 November 2008 12:10

The Penguin said...

How much did Haringey Council's ludicrous attempts to pervert the course of justice cost the tax payers?

Why are they not being prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice, maladministration etc?

By the way, OH, thanks for providing a place to let off much needed steam.

The Penguin
Penguinus Soangryitispainful

15 November 2008 12:14

bofl said...

penguin et al.........
nail on the head matey.......
ALL these juped up muthas are largely unaccountable......minister lie......twice yet become euro thne (gay)lords........pms' ie blair lie about everything and zip happens.......dodgy dossiers,david kelly killing himself with a banana..inquiries halted etc.
it is time to make these morons answer to US!

as o/h says it is they that should be in fear of us.not the other way round........

remember 600 of them -60 million of us!

seems like some of the proles are waking up......about time.

15 November 2008 12:25

woman on a raft said...

Penguin - there's nothing unbelievable about it. It's standard practice. Until recently all councils could keep their name out of it. It took a long, entrenched action by a parent who had been falsely accused of child abuse and had a child removed for a time, to get Judge Munby to rule that there was public interest in knowing which council was blowing oodles of council tax on trying to cover-up. The usual reason was given: 'we want anonymity to protect the child'.

EK at 11:24 is correct. The Guardian is shaping up for an 'all parents are potential killers' position and the trolls are already out on the boards, hoping to use the case to show that the NSPCC was right all along. Politically, Balls is hoping to use this to extend control. He will argue that if you protest about state control you are aiding child abuse.

Coincidentally, Camilla Cavendish was given the Paul Foot Award for her repeated coverage of the cases of parents and other relatives falsely accused of child abuse. The government still refuses to accept that scale of this abuse of the rule of law. Most of it happens in the civil (family) courts because the cases are beginning to crack when the judges apply criminal law properly. Recently one against a mature professional nanny was thrown out when the judge ruled that what was being put forward was not capable of being construed as evidence at all. The woman still lost her living, though, and will always have this false accusation listed agains her. Harman appears to regard these cases as 'collateral damage' despite the fact that it is obviously inflicting child abuse to wrongly take a child from its family.

What Baby P shows is that the underlying philosophy of Labour is wrong, and that all it is doing is spending fantastic sums of money monitoring the wrong people. What Balls will argue is that they have to monitor everybody - especially LPUK members who might be teaching their children the wrong things.

15 November 2008 12:36

seriously pissed off said...

Fuck off Balls you criminally negligent cunt.

15 November 2008 13:09

electro-kevin said...

Great comment count, OH. Good readership levels.

Don't forget the economy now. George Osbourne is absolutely right to hammer home the scorched earth policy that Nu Lab is inflicting upon us. This has been a welcome distraction.

15 November 2008 13:15

Deep Throat said...

@ captain skint

You are a bigger man for that apology.

15 November 2008 13:25

The Penguin said...

"This has been a welcome distraction."

Welcome distration - I think you might care to re-phrase that.

Unless you want to accuse the one eyed snot gobbler of arranging it all as a "good day to bury bad news" smokescreen and have some proof?

The Penguin
Penguinus Fuckallwelcomeaboutthisatrocity

15 November 2008 13:33

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Captain Haddock - been through exactly the situation described in your latest comment. I was lucky - the judge saw the contradictions and saw the lying - he gave her a bollocking in court.

Captain Skint - you're a good man. Yuo might make a good dad one day; especially if pass on a little of the integrity you've shown here today.

15 November 2008 13:58

fuchsia groan said...

One thing strikes me in all I have read about this case. And that is that all the ministers concerned did the VERY LEAST they could do. Not their best, but the LEAST in passing the paperwork on and washing their hands of the whole thing. I expect Hewitt was too busy negotiating her contracts with Boots and BT for when she stepped down as Health Minister. A girl has to earn a crust somehow.

15 November 2008 14:24

haddock said...

captain skint, thanks for that... faith in one human's nature restored. When you have a son remember to hug him often.
Sir Henry, yes judges do sometimes get it right... in my case it was the first time I heard the words fantasist and mendacious in the same sentence by a judge.... still didn't jail the bitch for perjury though..... although he did suggest it if he ever met her again. There are just so many bloody women out there crying wolf to get there own way.
The NSPCC used to be involved at 'street level' and get my donations, they are now just another lobby group pretending to be a charity. Since their anti-smacking campaign they lost my money.... and respect.

15 November 2008 16:37

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The only person to emerge from this with any credit is the splendid Nevres Kemal who, unoticed at the time, risked all to try and expose one particlar case and Haringeys laxity in general yet it is she that remains gagged by an injunction from speaking further on this issue.

Who requested that injunction and why ( as if we don't know the answer to the latter ) ?
She deserves Shoeshites job and big fat pension at the very least.

I did not think that it was possible to get any angrier about this case until I read todays DT timeline of events and the vacuous statements from those SS 'workers' responsible for Peters death.

15 November 2008 17:23

crackers said...

Capt Skint.

Your choice of words may have been insensitive. Yet I have a vague feeling of unease on the father's claim that he saw and noticed nothing. I hope that I am wrong on this.

I have children but they were cherished and brought up by a loving mother and father. But I feel that if we were apart and the boys were being harmed by mother and others I would have detected something being amiss if I was visiting say weekly. Look in the child's eyes and they tell a story.

Hope I am wrong and hope that his anguished statement does not hide guilt. Poor guy.

15 November 2008 17:54

idle said...

OH, you are well into Guido territory here for thread longevity, and with far less trolls and ratbags. Looked like getting dusty with the two Captains, Haddock and Skint, but again, unlike Guido, calm was restored without any chav behaviour.

High marks all round.

Idle has children and resorts to corporal punishment only rarely, because the brutes are at boarding school. But for what it's worth, I cannot find too many positives for the father of the wretched baby P - how often did he have contact? Did he ever raise the wellbeing of the child with the "authorities"? Or was he working abroad or something?

15 November 2008 18:24

defender said...

OH, some reading on Common Purpose from PJC

15 November 2008 19:25

geoff's mum said...

Is Geoff here?

15 November 2008 19:25

Shirking From Home said...

Great blog OH. Bloody wig and mask didn't arrive in time (they never did arrive) for the walk. The hat did though.

15 November 2008 19:33

Agent Moselle said...

I cannot begin to understand what these scum were thinking when they committed their appalling crimes. Death is too good for them - and sadly all they will get is some jail time - arseholes.

15 November 2008 21:39

Billy Wallace said...

C.P. = Commonwealth Panzers.

15 November 2008 21:42

electro-kevin said...

This post has been removed by the author.

15 November 2008 22:19

bofl said...

there is more....

15 November 2008 23:11

FeelingImmenseHatred said...
The Cunt that is Steven barker must suffer terrible pain and die slowly for this. somebody must be able and willing to arrange for this to be done.

15 November 2008 23:40

the hitman said...

Be careful O.H.

The difficulties of policing the internet were highlighted when the mother's name briefly appeared in a discussion thread about Baby P hosted by The Sun. The information was removed.

But unofficial news sites were last night continuing to offer information about the defendants. One carried photographs of the mother, the names of all three defendants and that of Baby P.

Mark Stephens, of the Internet Watch Foundation, said: "There is a ... problem with trying to enforce court orders that apply to the UK ... We either need to develop more sophisticated ways of dealing with this kind of information when it is posted or we decide to recognise the permeability of information once it reaches the internet."

15 November 2008 23:50

woman on a raft said...

The court was trying to protect the other children, but instead of saying that explicitly, it allowed the phrase 'for legal reasons' to be used. As soon as it became apparent that this story would go large the court should have explained why it had made the order, then there might have been the slightest chance of it holding.

That's really not tenable now with the police giving independent stories about the pregnancy in order to make it clear that as far as they are concerned, Haringey was obstructive. The social worker has been named, everybody knows who the mother and the boyfriend and his brother are. The IWF are bloody fools if they want to take this one on - there is full-on rage and any attempt to prevent people knowing what's what will only put them in the same squalid basket as Haringey Council.

What is obvious from the NoW account this weekend is that Maria Ward the social worker and Laura Swerby the health visitor didn't do even a minimally competent job. They just didn't look at the child on any of the visits. It isn't credible that they were unaware of the boyfriend - so the interim report which stoutly said he had been hidden and the social workers were completely decieved, means either the social worker is as blind as Blunkett or a liar like Blair, or deaf as a fucking post. Who did she think the other children were talking about? Did it not occur to her there were rather more children than could be accounted for by the number of recorded pregnancies for baby P's mother?

There is no chance of Shoesmith surving in her job beyond Monday lunchtime. It will be a miracle if she makes it beyond 9am on Sunday morning as not even Marr can avoid this subject, although I expect he'll try. The only question is whether Shoesmith will take any ministers with her.

16 November 2008 00:48

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving the names and pictures of these cunts. Now, if they are ever let out of prison alive some of us can sort things out for them in a nice, slow, 17 month long fashion. RIP Peter and look out Barker brothers and fat cunt, Tracey. Your time is coming.

16 November 2008 00:54

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

They wont get the shit kicked out of them anymore.
In the good old days a prison officer would tip off the wing cleaners and the nonce in question would receive a serious whack or two with a pp9 battery encased in a sock,sadly this is rare these days.
Sometimes I yearn for sharia law.

16 November 2008 01:31

woman on a raft said...

OH readers who aren't yet outraged enough may care to note how the brave enforcement officers of Haringey confront those dangerous villains who use the wrong colour bin bags. July 2008. Maybe they ought to swap the bag men for the social workers.

16 November 2008 01:44

woman on a raft said...

The MoS carries an exclusive interview with Nevres Kemal, who refused to be fobbed-off by her own bosses at Haringey. Kemal illustrates the other side of the coin - where a false accusation is used as a tactic to shut down a complainant.

'I reacted like normal families react - with anger and disbelief,’ says Miss Kemal. ‘What was so terribly wrong is that a system that had the power and the duty to protect children was now hounding me for trying to protect children. It was like I was in a fascist country. I felt totally alone.’

She was not alone, but she will not have known that. Victims of false accusations are often surprised when they find they are not the only victim in the village.

For anyone who thought that the trouble was that the mother of baby p had too many rights; no, she had the same right as Kemal and any parent: to be investigated fairly and objectively if there was cause, and for any action to be taken on good evidence, not whim or prejudice.

In the case of baby P, they just didn't investigate at all. Perhaps they were too busy investigating a trumped-up complaint about a professional with a clean work record.

16 November 2008 02:13

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The plot thickens.
From todays Sunday Telegraph

"Mr Newton, a Liberal Democrat councillor, said: "We raised serious concerns that the recommendations from the inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie had not been implemented and that children were at risk of abuse."

He was prompted to act after his wife Gail Engert, also a Haringey councillor, received letters and other approaches from residents expressing concern that social workers were failing to identify cases of parental abuse...
Ms Ingert said: "The sources were credible. The only way we, as the opposition, could get to the truth of this was to ask for a review, but those in power kicked it into the long grass.

"Families said they had been victimised after making complaints. One parent said she was forced to resign as a school governor after making complaints to Ms Shoesmith over allegations of abuse at a school in Haringey."

"In January this year -- five months after Baby P died -- Ms Shoesmith recommended that a full review was not necessary."

Has Shoesmith reigned yet ? Thought not.

16 November 2008 05:12

Anonymous said...

Woman On A Raft.
Thank you for that MoS link 02:13

I would urge all OH bloggers to read it in full as it shows just how Haringeys SS conducts itself as a facist dictatorship ( I don't suppose it is the only one ).
How did we let it come to this ?

16 November 2008 05:42

Scrobs said...

Thud's first post here describes my feelings too.

Then reading the rest of them, I knew I'd feel worse, and now I read that a lawyer in Haringey was promoted a few days after the poor tot was murdered.

I have to do some serious building work today, and that bloody hammer will swing like a dervish...

16 November 2008 06:50

ranter said...

If you want to know why things never get done can I recommend this link to an 'official' blog by a chief inspector from Avon & Somerset police.

You can see why there is no effective policing anymore, the language is that used by all public sector services, emergency and other.

Complete drivel and yet the moron almost pats himslef on the back - he actually beleives he and the force are achieving success.

Even the Home Office officials don't anymore -see today's MoS.

16 November 2008 08:23

The Penguin said...

"There were fresh warnings from family legal experts that vulnerable children like Baby P are more likely to die from abuse than ever before, because of a dramatic rise in the cost of taking them into care. Abused children are being left in dangerous situations because social workers are being deterred from seeking court orders.

Social workers and lawyers say there has been a huge decline in the number of child protection cases before the courts since new care proceedings came into force earlier this year. The cost of taking a case to court rose from £150 to £4,000 in May. Social workers need to gather stronger evidence before judges will consider a protective care order. In the Baby P case, lawyers for Haringey Council told social workers that they could not start care proceedings involving the child because their evidence "fell below the threshold" required for court action. Nina Hansen of Freemans Solicitors said: "The situation is much more dangerous now than when Baby P died and there will no doubt be more Baby Ps. There is so much stacked against cases ever getting to court that there will be even more dead babies in the future."

Fees were increased in an effort to make the courts pay for themselves. The move was opposed by senior judges, the Law Society and the NSPCC. Jonathan Wheeler, director of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, said: "The situation is much worse now because budget considerations are something local authorities will bear in mind. In the light of Baby P, surely there is a moral case not to make protecting children's lives more difficult."

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "Children's services have an obligation in law to protect children. It would be unlawful for them to avoid taking court proceedings for financial reasons. For these reasons we do not accept that the new fees should have any impact." "

Yes, we really believe that councils struggling to make ends meet (because they are so inefficient and have so many senior managers and officials on six figure salaries, such as the head of legal services at Haringey and of course the odious Shoesmith creature) won't pay any regard to the cost of going to the courts to get a protection order!!!

What the fuck are the twats in charge thinking of?

Where on earth is the common sense and humanity?

Fucking councils are blythely using Terrorism legislation to snoop on citizens, but can't find the funds to save children from abuse?

The lunatics indeed are running the asylum. I wish I believed in God, if I did I'd ask him to sort this out. Not sure Cameron or anyone else can, it's gone too far.

The Penguin
Penguinus Despairingofaremedy

16 November 2008 09:50

Anthony said...

I just posted a comment on that Avon&Somerset link. I doubt it will see the light of day though.

16 November 2008 10:00

The Penguin said...

Apparently there was a very similar case in Yorkshire, didn't seem to make the news for some reason. The father had installed CCTV and so could see the Social Workers etc coming and avoid inspection. Bastard.

The Penguin
Penguinus Disgustedatthesubhumanscum

16 November 2008 10:08

woman on a raft said...

How did we let it come to this?.

In 1989 the Children Act was passed under a Conservative government, but it was deeply informed by leftist thinking. It put a great deal of unexamined power in the hands of local authority workers, many of whom are incompetent.

Compared to police officers who have to identify themselves, make notes and record interviews, social workers have a enormous freedom and it is very difficult to call them to account. Courts, for example, were almost obliged to rubber-stamp anything put in front of them and were not able to challenge much.

The aim was so that social workers would be able to take swift action to protect children, but the result was that social services departments abused their unexamined power and spent far too long accusing innocent parents whilst failing to properly protect children in situations of real risk.

Thus miscarriages such as the forced adoption of the Webster children happened, despite the police establishing there was no criminal case to answer. Unfortunately, the Websters were not the sort of people to bow down to the social workers and make false confessions in the civil court, thereby saving Lisa Christensen's face. They were punished for that. The civil law was used against them and their children removed on the balance of probabilities based on false evidence.

They were far from the only ones; in Haringey it is emerging that not just Nevres Kemal but anybody who complained risked facing an accusation of child abuse, against which it is very difficult to make a defence because the law ties the hands of the accused together then chucks them in the river to see if they float.

There are bound to be people around who will troll this (they already turned up on GF) and try to suggest that this amounts to condoning child abuse. No it doesn't. Both baby P and Kemal's daughter deserved exactly the same thing; a swift investigation if there was good cause, and conclusions based on objective evidence.

There was plenty of objective evidence in the case of baby P and sod-all in the case of Kemal. Any decent police officer or competent adult would have been able to tell the difference. We do not hire competent adults in the first place and we fire decent police officers.

16 November 2008 10:36

The Penguin said...

"Asked why it was not considered appropriate to take the child into care, Haringey's legal chief John Suddaby said: 'That's obviously an area of concern and is one of the things that will be looked at.'

At the time of the crucial meeting, Mr Suddaby was deputy chief of legal services at the council but acting up in the top job because his boss had left.

He was promoted to head of the department in March this year, several months after Baby P's death, and awarded a salary of £120,000."

So that's all right then (for him, anyway!)

The Penguin
Penguinus Obviouslyinthewrongjob

16 November 2008 11:36

Anonymous said...

Look at this on the Haringey Council website:-

They're already covering their tracks:-


1. That the Children & Young People’s Service be commended for improving performance in this area.

2. That the work of the Local Safeguarding Children Board in monitoring and coordinating the work of all agencies in safeguarding children be noted.

3. That recommendation 2.3 be deleted and replaced with:

Despite the good performance in this area as recognised by the recent Annual Performance Assessment, and the existing reporting and monitoring arrangements both locally and nationally, the Committee feel that a full Scrutiny review would be beneficial and add value to the service. The timing of the review should be relevant to the passing of the Children & Young People’s Bill in parliament.



16 November 2008 12:03

custador said...

I'm not a violent man by nature, but thise faces are inscribed on my memory. Hey everybody, anybody fancy sending a copy of those names and face to every high-security prisoner in Britain so that those bastards can have a proper welcome while they're in gaol?

16 November 2008 12:04

ranter said...

Anthony said...
I just posted a comment on that Avon&Somerset link. I doubt it will see the light of day though.

16 November 2008 10:00


You'll be lucky. He only ever allows 'supportive' comments - the modern police service for you.

16 November 2008 12:10

woman on a raft said...

From the Sun, which isn't taking any crap for once:

"Ofsted even gave under-fire chief Sharon Shoesmith a glowing report. The assessment was written by an inspector who had been a senior Haringey Official.

Inspectors led by Juliet Winstanley, who worked under Ms Shoesmith, congratulated her former boss’s department on providing “a good service for children”.

Now the same watchdog has been sent in by Children’s Secretary Ed Balls to find out why Baby P was left to die in agony."


16 November 2008 12:47

Gareth said...


Amy Howson's death was front page news in the Yorkshire Post and also made the local telly news. Very distressing to hear and read. Nationally it may have been swamped by the financial mess the country is in.

Amy Howson's mother, Tina Hunt, was in a violent relationship and of very low intelligence. So low that she was deemed barely culpable for allowing her daughter's death and received a 12 month sentence (suspended for 2 years). While in custody she gave birth to a second child which has since been taken into foster care.

Amy Howson's father, James Howson, was found guilty of her murder and sentenced to a minimum of 22 years inside. He was known to be violent towards Tina Hunt, and appears to have at least become violent towards his daughter, or worse, just increased his violence towards her when he found out Ms. Hunt was pregnant for a second time.

Perhaps the difference in reporting of the cases is that, as far as I am aware, Doncaster Safeguarding Children Board didn't go out of their way to gag the press and cover up their failings.

16 November 2008 13:53

Anonymous said...

Lets all start a group of people who want to do something about this. After baby P, i feel we need as many people as possible to go to the goverment and challenge their policies. If i had my own way, we would all join up, get the addresses of the people who do things against children when they get out of prison, and torture them. Cant we do something instead of just always words, i will do whatever it takes. Does anyone agree or am i deemed a thug???

16 November 2008 14:45

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Let's all talk on what we could do about all of this shite....

16 November 2008 14:47

VengefulMother said...

I heard about the Amy Howson case. The father was a nasty piece of work who snapped her spine and tried to blame it on the mother.

He is serving a life sentence. Anyone know where he is serving and anyone on the inside who can snap his spine in two?

You know, these fucking spineless cunts need to be given real justice. They need to be sentenced to having done to them what has been given out. But, we are too fucking namsy pansy and the PC brigade is worried about human rights. As far as I am concerned, these shits gave up their human rights when they did this shit.

Let me at the fucking cunts. I have a storage place where I can hang them by meat hooks and slowly torture them, starting from their toes on up. I am a loving mother to my baby, but I can mete out some sadistic shit to fuckers who torture children. They are no longer human in my eyes and as such, deserve to be tortured for our amusement. And I will not let them die. Just continue the torture until we are all bored of it. And then I will get my dog after them. Yes, I am baying for the blood of the professionals who failed to do their jobs, the Barker brothers, James Howson, Tracy Connolly aka Tracy Cox (her maiden name) and anyone else who is abusive to children.

Even if they are given a long stretch in prison, I will let my son know about them and if they are ever released, for him to go get them.

16 November 2008 16:21

mister ed said...

"I agree with you. Let's all talk on what we could do about all of this shite....
16 November 2008 14:47"

i agree. and we could start by organising a petition to bring back the death penalty for child murderers.

support politicians who are in favour of it. do NOT vote for politicians who are against it.

16 November 2008 17:17

mister ed said...

Teenager reveals horror of Baby P's ordeal

A teenager who lived in the same council house as the boy and his mother but was too terrified to raise the alarm at the time told how he was bitten all over to 'train' the family's vicious dogs how to attack and dropped 6ft onto the floor.

The 15-year-old, who was a key prosecution witness at the trial over Baby P's death, also said his fingernails were pulled out with pliers and fingertips cut off during the sickening torture in the eight months before he died.

He was grabbed by the throat and thrown into his cot, had his windpipe pressed so hard he turned blue and a bottle rammed into his mouth with such force that it cut his lips, she told the News of the World.

The teenager also recalled the horrific moment Baby P's stepfather broke the toddler's back in two as he was watching television, leaving the boy paralysed from the waist down.

"He sat smirking on the sofa, smoking cannabis and playing with Baby P like he was a rag doll. Then I suddenly heard a loud crack that echoed through the house as the baby's little backbone snapped in half."

'"He let out a gut-wrenching scream. It was so loud I went into the garden and put my hands over my ears to block it out."

16 November 2008 17:38

The Penguin said...

I find it is difficult to get my head around how arrogant and complacent the tossers at Haringey are (maybe they are getting a tad worried now, they seem to be doing a lot of arse-covering!) about this whole area of child protection. Maybe the fact that no one of any consequence was burnt at the stake following the Victoria Climbie atrocity meant that they only paid lip service to the importance of remembering that their prime purpose is to protect the child, not to meet some target in filling in forms. In one report one of those most heavily criticised in the Climbie case for adding false information to the file to try and absolve herself from blame actually had a role in the Peter Connolly case.

Surely this time there has to be a deep cleanse of the whole rotten council.

Certainly the Shoesmith creature should go, without a pay off, and even without a pension. Send a serious message, that this is not going to be tolerated, it is simply too important, so if you fuck it up, you lose big time.

Replace her with the whistleblower!

That would send another important message, as well as compensate her for her ordeal, and put someone in place who really knows the problems that need addressing.

I am not saying that social work is easy or simple - certainly I couldn't do it, I could not cope with the emotional overload, it's why I gave up on a teaching career and became a bean counter. But those that do choose to do it should be properly trained, properly equipped, properly supported and managed, and held to account for their mistakes.

I also think that the ministers who played pass the buck and didn't deign to get their hands dirty to find out what this was about, or to intervene in the disgraceful witch hunt that then ensued against Nevres Kemal should be sacked, along with their complacent advisors and civil servants.

Otherwise, we'll be raging about Baby Q within 12 months.

The Penguin
Penguinus Notinclinedtoforgivethesecretins

16 November 2008 17:49

Anonymous said...

"A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "Children's services have an obligation in law to protect children. It would be unlawful for them to avoid taking court proceedings for financial reasons. For these reasons we do not accept that the new fees should have any impact."

Only an utter utter cunt could have said that looking at a picture of Baby P. Peter Connelly

16 November 2008 17:51

The Penguin said...

There's a photo of the poor little mite from a few days before his death (which dreadful to say, must have been a blessed release for Peter ) - quite a contrast to the one on OH's blog. How come no-one involved with the case could see the contrast? Did no one notice that there was a bit of a difference? Did his GP not wonder why he was losing weight?

Why did the social worker ignore the child minder?

Why did the Police / CPS decide there was no case to answer?

There are a lot of questions that need answering. So many many many people who should have protected Peter failed to do so, and I hope they never have a moment's peace henceforth.

I know that this is not the only dreadful case of its kind, as above, and thank you for more information, not that it is pleasant to have, but this one has the public and media attention and the political angle gives it legs, so it has to be used to force improvements and insist on the proper punishment of the guilty parties -ALL OF THEM!

The Penguin
Penguinus Crosserwitheverydisgustingdetailthatemerges

16 November 2008 18:14

Anonymous said...

This whole thing makes me feel fresh waves of anger every time something new is posted about it.

IF....we could be arsed to actually get up, march in the streets, show these fuckers that we, the great british public, have had ENOUGH of this shit to last us twelve lifetimes, I'd be there in a flash.

It's the very absolute least I could do as some form of gesture towards that poor child.

Anyone out there up for some organising? I'm so, so angry. And I'd rather channel my anger into something potentially productive than yelling "you fuckers" every time I pick up the paper.

16 November 2008 18:45

Anonymous said...

please, please, please can we all stop referring to this child as "Baby P". We know his name and should dignify his memory by using it.

I want to scream the house down every time I hear some airhead on radio 4 news refer to "Baby P"


16 November 2008 18:58

Old Holborn said...

Then stop posting anonymously

16 November 2008 18:59

Old Holborn said...

When a male lion takes over the pride, his first job is to slaughter all the offspring by other male lions.


16 November 2008 19:05

John Trenchard said...

the news of the world has a LOT more detail on the horrorific torture of Peter

read it here

be warned though - it will make you physically sick, so a strong whiskey beforehand is required.

and yes - i would gladly put my name to any petition that calls for the hanging of these utter fucking scumbags that caused his death.

16 November 2008 19:07

BFB said...


They will be tortured - mentally and physically - before being killed.

The whole process will take...ohhh...about 17 months.

16 November 2008 20:07

Anonymous said...

I hope the bastards that MURDERED little Peter burn in hell. This story has well and truEly sickend me to the pit of my stomach. I don`t know what is worse those who MURDERED the little boy or those who allowed it to happen.

Has little Peter been buried yet.

God rest his little soul


16 November 2008 21:40

John Pickworth said...

Three items on this case give me grave pause today:

1. Having read the NotW story (and discounted some of the usual sensationalism) I can't help but note the detail provided by the 15 year old female witness. Despite her age and perhaps 'closeness' to one of the accused; she, in my opinion, provided plenty enough evidence to have supported a clear murder charge against the step-father.

Evidently, some legal matters remain outstanding but I hope we learn before too long why this witness wasn't used as she might have been by the prosecution? Don't suppose it was the fear that a murder conviction would attract too much media attention? Nah, thought not.

2. Bloody lawyers. Peter Garsden, spokesman for the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers said: "If councils are going to have to think whether they should spend £4,000 before starting care proceedings and taking a child off the parents, then it beggars belief how many children are going to remain with abusive parents"

Yeah, right. Don't suppose you'd like to tell us how much your members charge an hour before coming over all concerned for the welfare of these children? Thought not. Still, your plea for more Government funds in the media will no doubt benefit you and your members as well as a child or two.

You do though raise a good point about the recent changes to Court proceedings and the Government's insistance that Courts are self-funding - I remember reading only a few months ago that care proceedings were particularly vulnerable to these new higher charges.

Oh look, I found it: Children ‘put at risk by higher court fees’

This article alone opens several new cans of worms and that's before you read the shocking Stats' at the bottom of the page. I can't believe The Times haven't run with this? Perhaps they forgot?

3. Haringey Labour councillors held a SECRET meeting today to get their alibi straight... ermm sorry, I mean the meeting was solely to ensure councillors were fully informed on all aspects of the case. Yeah right!

Do we take it the 25 Liberal Democrat councillors don't need to be fully informed on all aspects of the case then?

I'll stop digging now... I think the hole is deep enough to bury everyone from the case worker to the Prime Minister.

16 November 2008 21:44

The Penguin said...

No, please keep digging!!!!

Don't let any of these cunts off the hook

The Penguin
Penguinus tiredandpissedbut stillfuckingcross

16 November 2008 22:56

John Trenchard said...

john -> KEEP DIGGING..

dont let these fuckers get away with it.

thanks for your post..

the secret meeting is interesting - sounds like arse covering and alibi making.

16 November 2008 23:28

Lou Kelly said...

she must tell police if she hasn't already and there MUST be a retrial. they said they could not charge any of the 3 because they could not assertain who dealt the final deadly blow but the girl has now revealed it was the mother's partner so he can now be charged with murder IF she testifies. if they do not order a retrial the people of england must cause uproar and make themselves heard!!

17 November 2008 00:05

Lou Kelly said...

Now the girl has revealed who dealt the final blow and thus murdered little baby p (see News of the World today) she must tell police if she hasn't already and there MUST be a retrial. they said they could not charge any of the 3 because they could not assertain who dealt the final deadly blow but the girl has now revealed it was the mother's partner so he can now be charged with murder IF she testifies. if they do not order a retrial the people of england must cause uproar and make themselves heard!!

17 November 2008 00:06

The Penguin said...

The names of those responsible for the appalling decisions are emerging!!

The Penguin
Penguinus Penguinus

17 November 2008 07:51

Anonymous said...

The article isn't showing for me.

I did just see this, however:

Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but according to that, they IGNORED police advice to put him with a foster family and sent him back home.

Jesus christ.

17 November 2008 09:39

londoner said...

From The BBC website

"Children's secretary Ed Balls has spoken of "anger" that "crucial interventions" had not been made in Baby P's case.

"People are asking how these despicable acts of evil can happen in this day and age and in Haringey of all places," he said.

Bloody fool, Haringey was exactly the place where it was going to happen, again.

17 November 2008 11:07

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You know what scares me the most; that Labour will use this as an excuse to pass more draconian legislation, instead of ensuring that the existing legislationis followed.

How true. It will be used as a pretext to reinforce the Stasi state. Anyone protesting will be presented as being indifferent to child welfare.

17 November 2008 12:20

John Pickworth said...

Bloody fool, Haringey was exactly the place where it was going to happen, again.

Of course it is. Having waited an astonishing 48 hours to apologise to the public for the failure to protect a child; we discover that just 10 days after Baby P's death, Liz Santy, Haringey's cabinet member for Children and Young People, was busy emailing her fellow councillors to get everyone 'on message'.

Ms Santy wrote:

"You will have read the very sad news of a 17 month old child from Tottenham who died on 3 August from serious injuries.

The press has covered the case this weekend and of course has chosen to link it with events from the past (Climbie). As you are all aware much has changed since these events.

Whatever the facts, our social workers (and those around the country) bear the brunt of negative press coverage.

I want everyone to be sensitive and supportive towards colleagues who work in social care and in the Children & Young People's Service generally, as I know you will be."

Oh alright then, good to see they've gotten their priorities right. We must protect the staff at any cost, got it, thanks.

17 November 2008 12:24

Old Holborn said...

I insist you all read THIS

17 November 2008 12:52

Amy said...

I just can't comprehend how people can do this. I actually cried the first time I read any of the details and it still makes me feel physically sick.

I can't believe how helpless it makes me feel to hear about what happened to that beautiful little boy.

I generally oppose capital punishment on principal, but I think my principals have just changed. I hope the bastards rot in hell.

17 November 2008 13:28

Anonymous said...

Slippery Lammy Labour MP for Tottenham, on WATO today wiggling and sliming away from any caring responses on Haringey SS's complicity in the slaughter of Peter Connelly. Unctuous creature vomiting Liebour newspeak.."inquiries, concerns yada yada! Enough oh muddy one! How about "sorry for the atrocious child care failure".

17 November 2008 13:48

Anonymous said...

Why be racist and call Lammy "oh muddy one"? You detract from your arguments by being so base. This isn't about race, this is about common decency. Some of you on here sound like you are in the BNP and I know there will be a chorus of you saying you are. Don't you realise without a welfare state, Baby P wouldn't even have anyone looking out for him as there would be no Social Services? Many times Social Service do succeed in protecting children. Some of you sound too thick to think things through. What happened to this child was tragic and wrong and something must be done, but being racist shouldn't be condoned.

17 November 2008 16:28

Anonymous said...

They should let the public loose on these bastards, jails to good for them, i hope they get tortured and killed in jail.

17 November 2008 17:01

John Pickworth said...

Anonymous uttered...

Don't you realise without a welfare state, Baby P wouldn't even have anyone looking out for him...

Even with the welfare state; it seems nobody was looking out for him.

You didn't think that one through did you?

Anyway, I'm the first to praise the social services (and have done here today) when it is working. Unfortunately, for much of the time it simply doesn't.

17 November 2008 17:04

Anonymous said...

Tracey Connelly (nee Cox ) Steven Barker are not named publicly as they are both awaiting trial for another child abuse case, Jason Owen is Steven Barkers brother, I aint got a clue why the have him named Owen.
I wonder if lots of people will download, print and distribute the faces of evil,

17 November 2008 17:29

Anonymous said...

they will probably get 7 years out in 4 and new identities, Although I am livid and would like to see all kinds of retribution against them. they will be in the VP ( Vulnerable prisoner ) unit, so it might not be as easy for them to receive a beating as one hope, but a beating they will get somehow. I really hope that the beating does not kill them, and sincerely hope they recover to take the regular beatings that hopefully will follow.
Although Connelly , Barker and Owens names are published, you have to remember that there are 3 other children attached to this case, it would be tragic if their identity became public and God forbid had the crimes of the perpetrators thrown at them in years to come.
No point in using profanities to describe the evil trio, They are beyond the foulest names in the English language

17 November 2008 18:03

Miss J said...

Miss J asks

Dear Anonymous,
How do you know this? Are they definitely bro's? It makes sense the eldest name been changed, he's a known sex offender, probably protecting himself.
Where is the daughter that the Black hearted Bitch gave birth to or does anyone know how old she is? Originally it was alledged that the social services were fighting to get her re-united with the girl, should she get out?
What the Fuck?

17 November 2008 18:13

Anonymous said...

Are we actually living in Hell? It really makes you think when you see a dispicable thing like this happening amongst millions of other things that we dont even hear of.I can tell God is angry. Even the Sun doesn't shine anymore.May God please forgive us for our sins. Baby p will now be loved abundantly, more than we can imagine.I will even give him a kiss on his head when my time comes.god bless Baby P xxx

17 November 2008 18:25

Miss J said...

Sorry, that question re: another trial for child abuse was for anonymous at 17.29 today.

R.I.P Baby Peter.

17 November 2008 18:51

Big Fat Trucker said...

As regards their treatment inside, I once had a discussion with a guy who worked on the Seg in an East Anglian prison. They will eat and drink nothing that that does not contain urine and faeces. If no governor grade is present, they have to preface all requests to staff with "Worthless cunt wants a word, guv". Occasionally, to keep them in line, the door to the wing will be left open. They don't know the lifers can't get them, they only know it hasn't happened yet.

Later in the sentence, they may make a "suicide attempt". It won't be successful, not the first time. That would put people's careers and pensions at risk. But it does put down a marker for later: "We thought he/she had get over it".

Don't worry folks, it will take time, but there's plenty of it.

17 November 2008 19:06

Anonymous said...

'Slippery', 'wiggle', 'slime' synonymous with MUD, geddit? nothing to do with colour, race, BNP, or any 'ism', Mud is Mud, oh tawdry PC labourite.

17 November 2008 19:21

Anonymous said...

cant believe anyone can do this to a child sick bastards!!! things need to change how many other children will have to go through this!! makes me so sad to know so many people who cant actually have children and the likes of these there not even human beings in my eyes they deserve to rot!!!!!!

17 November 2008 19:36

Anonymous said...

While i hope they get 'shanked' with something rusty I can't help but hope that this 'leak' doesn't get them let off the hook. "Ooh miscarriage of justice" I could here them say plus then we would have to pay to rehome and give them new IDs no doubt.

This country fucking sickens me...

17 November 2008 20:04

Anonymous said...

Lord i cry! I hope this uggly trash who did this, been treated on the same way in prison. They look like brothers in a incestfamily!

17 November 2008 20:36

Anonymous said...

With any luck these animals will get their come uppance when they go to jail.Let the lifers sort them out.Fuckin animals the 3 of them

17 November 2008 20:44

Anonymous said...

Its disgusting how they can do that to that poor child, I hope they get what they deserve in prison!

17 November 2008 21:11

hotlips said...

People are so quick to place blame. I'm going to get slated for saying this...but at the end of the day, there are some evil people out there. Sometimes nothing can be done to stop abuse. Ultimately, responsibility lies with the people who chose to have the children and raise them. Atrocities like this happen every week, they always have - no matter how good social services are, no matter who is governing the country. The death penalty could be brought back, the perpetrators coule be murdered in prison, they could commit suicide. The sad fact is that these terrible crimes will continue to be committed. There should not be a scapegoat in any case. At the end of the day, the guilty person is the one that committed the crime in the first place.

17 November 2008 21:24

Anonymous said...

I feel totaly disgusted at whats happened. My stomach churns every time i read or hear something about this case. I can't believe what society is coming to! Whats going so wrong? Any one who interferes with children in any shape or form should be given the death penalty or tortured. Why should people like this have the luxury of life when thay have so easily taken it away from such an innocent human being.They are not worth saving or wasting anymore time on.

17 November 2008 21:43

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by this and hope these people get what is coming to them. I seriously hope they get taken out in jail. They don't deserve to live after the hell they have caused to this little boy.

Social services are stupid to have overlooked this! Why is everybody so fucking blind to have missed this!!!!!

Distribute the pictures, remember the names don't let ANYBODY get away with this horrable crime. I hope someone rips his toenails out in jail.

17 November 2008 21:45

Anonymous said...

The animals that have done need to be paraded around the streets so people can afflict the same monstrosities to them. You may be wondering if that makes us as bad as them? Well sorry it doesn't, these people are pure evil and deserve to be treated less than animals. I have three children of my own and would never dream of doing any harm, likewise of somebody hurt them i would give punishment by eye 4 eye. Death penalty is to quick, sorry if i affend, Huntley needs the same.

17 November 2008 22:31

Elaine said...

As i sit and read this horrific story of a tragic beautiful boys life, the tears are streaming down my face. All i want to do is scoop him up into my arms and give him the biggest most loved hug i can! What monsters could do this to a precious child?! Wont be long till there named and shamed and face what they deserve.

R.I.P. little fella you are in the hands of angels now, not of the devils.

17 November 2008 22:59

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all gather at the civic centre and demand some answers.

Members of the press would be all over a story like that. I'm with a national newspaper and I can tell you that it would hit the front pages right now.

Gather a peaceful group of people and demand answers. I will come along, camera in hand.

18 November 2008 01:11

Anonymous said...

hotlips 21:24 said...
"at the end of the day, there are some evil people out there. Sometimes nothing can be done to stop abuse. ...Atrocities like this happen every week, they always have - no matter how good social services are"

Fine, let's just shut down Social Services and use the money on victim support.

18 November 2008 03:44

John Pickworth said...

hotlips said...

"People are so quick to place blame. I'm going to get slated for saying this...but at the end of the day, there are some evil people out there."

I think you'll find most people agree with you.

As for the blame... well clearly someone is responsible for not spotting the hell that Baby P was living in. Others are wondering why we even have a society that allows these hell holes to exist, and worse, that we pay for them.

Blame though is the wrong word at the moment... its anger. People are sick of it and want things to change.

As for the monsters that killed Baby P, I don't think they're evil as such. They were simply products of a system that allowed them to believe the welfare of a child came second to their own.

18 November 2008 08:20

Anonymous said...

Full disgraceful dossier here:

18 November 2008 08:21

Anonymous said...

Rest in piece little angel!

I was so sad when i heard of this story. How cruel can a grown man be to an innocent little defenceless boy?


18 November 2008 08:57

Anonymous said...

I believe the two male photos above are both Jason Barker / Owen.

I have not seen any photo of Steven Owen.

18 November 2008 10:17

Anonymous said...

The sinners and the saints, names are named

The Independent today

Dr Jerome Ikwueke

The GP who saw Baby P in the first untroubled months of his life and later spotted the injuries which raised suspicions that he was being abused in December 2006. He referred Baby P to specialists at the Whittington Hospital in north London.

Dr Heather Mackinnon

The consultant paediatrician at the Whittington who examined Baby P and was so concerned at his injuries that she contacted Haringey social services. She expressed concern at the suggestion he should be returned to his mother.

Angela Godfrey

The family friend who was given care of Baby P in December 2006 after he was released from hospital. She pressed for the infant to be returned to his mother.

Maria Ward

The social worker appointed to Baby P's case in February 2007. She made 10 visits to the family home, the last occurring four days before his death. She declared herself content with the protection plan for the toddler.

Paulette Thomas

A health visitor who first visited Baby P's home in March 2007. She saw him only four times before his death after his mother cancelled appointments. Thomas reported no problems at his one-year development check.

Dr Sabah al Zayyat

The paediatrician who was the last doctor to see Baby P alive. She failed to spot his broken back or ribs and claimed he was moving his legs when she examined him two days before his death. She is the only individual who has faced censure for her conduct by being banned from working with children unsupervised.

18 November 2008 11:05

Anonymous said...

Full disgraceful dossier here:
18 November 2008 08:21
"Mail Online
The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available."

Please try hardetr

18 November 2008 11:09

Harlequin said...

The Barker/Owen thing is due to one them changing his name. He attempted to change his name *again* while on bail/remand.

Quite why he changed it in the first place (maybe to distance himself from the Grandmother torturing episode... only my surmise)has never been explored in the rags that pass for the Third Estate, nor on the TV/Radio.

18 November 2008 16:55

ruby ruby ruby said...

I wonder how long it will be before this all dies down and baby Peter is finally able to rest in peace, I would like to see a little memorial garden set up for him and other tragedies like him,
Perhaps the sacks of shit at Haringey social services would like to start paying for it and laying the foundations.
Although nothing to do with the above, Does anyone agree that the abduction of little Shannon Matthews was a blessing in disguise, liberated from the shitbag mother and her noncy beast boyfriend. I think its the best thing that ever happened to the kid

18 November 2008 16:57

Northern Softie said...

I would cheerfully top these God-less three, and do time for it...Depressed as I already was, I am now despairing. The only good thing that I can wrench from little Peter's murder is that parents like me will surely love their little ones more, better and more deeply (if possible) with Peter in mind. I would like to do something...ideas...Peter Connolly Playpark....Prayers for Peter book...Peter Connolly Scholarship...I would happily contribute all I could. Is there anyone 'moving and shaking' on this blog that could help? God rest your soul, little man. Thoughts and love always.

18 November 2008 17:00

Harlequin said...

I concur on the Shannon Matthews case.

I feel for the girl, knowing that her mother would (allegedly, the case being sub-judicae) do that to her. One has to wonder if (if things had happened as alleged) she would have been found alive or dead and washed down with petrol(if things had happened as alleged) What worked on the Black Dahlia still screws forensics today.

She would have bee a clear and present danger to the (alleged) scam alive.

As a comment, the Guardian list if far from complete. The was a case in '74-'76 time frame of a boy being starved in an Anglian farm out house, beaten and force fed his own excrement... they got him out alive... just. I still ponder what must have happened to him subsequently.

18 November 2008 17:07

ruby ruby ruby said...

Yes i understand what your saying, about the Shannon Matthews case, If it wasnt so serious and imvolving a child it would be farcical. I think all those involved in the case are sub normal, especially the Step father and the uncle.
Where does this subhuman element come from there are obviously a lot of people out there that carry this,And why didnt baby Ps grandmother and father do more.
There is more to this than meets the eye, And one of the Barker brothers is apparently a sex offender . lets have more shit dealt on these two pervs I think that the police statements of 'the baby P 3' should be published asap

18 November 2008 17:26

Anonymous said...

Fucking pigs. They should be neutered and fucked into prison where their photos should be shown to all. Be nice if the warders forgot to close their cell doors at night.Like a previous blogger, I work in an environment where I thought I'd seen it all but this is heartbreaking. A real reason to bring back the death penalty. I hope that what ever God you believe in is holding this child now.

18 November 2008 17:49

ruby ruby ruby said...

I believe that the death penalty should not be restored, It never stopped crimes like this happening, Even Pierrepoint the famous hangman said hanging never made any difference if the crime was going to happen it was going to happen, No matter how angry and upset we feel about baby Peter, Killing the perpetrators is not good news. They need to be systematically tortured, scared fucking shitless not knowing when the next round of abuse is going to occur. The death penalty is not the answer, Connelly, Barker & Barker/ Owen , they wont be in prison forever and when they get out which is likely to be sooner rather than later they will be given the same treatment as the killers of Jamie Bulger, remember him ?? the Victim of Robert Thompson & John Venables A pair of murdering shitbags from more shitbag scumbag families all with new identities, nice house far away from it all.
This country and all its fucking doo-gooders overlooks the victims cos the the fucking criminals have have human rights too.

18 November 2008 18:17

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that no one was at the funeral but at least the ashes were spread with his grandma. I am fucking livid about all of this and want to do something. Please dont let this just faid away like so many other things that happen, we must do something and now. I will keep looking on here to see if people agree and will help and organise something. I am going to plan and do something about this. Are you with me???

18 November 2008 18:42

ruby ruby ruby said...

How do you know that no one attended baby Peters funeral, Surely his natural father attended, if no family was present, was no one from social services there to pay their respects
( although a bit fucking late in the day to show 'respect', for the want of a better word ) I think there is a demonstration planned outside Haringey town hall this sunday, I read about it on facebook but I think it may have been removed.

18 November 2008 18:50

Anonymous said...

Dear Old Holborn, Thank you for putting these photos on your site. Hopefully, with any luck someone who checks out your site will torture these inhumane skanks to death. The person who does will be a national hero. Personally i am sick of paying taxes to keep pure evil in the world. Bunch of pussies in the UK protecting scum. Whatever happened to naming and shaming scum?

18 November 2008 20:26

Anonymous said...

Everyone of those horrible bastards that allowed this to happen to that poor little soul should get their P45's and be prosecuted for gross negligence. But who will take them to court? who will make sure they are even sent to jail or fined? or even loose thier jobs? No one! so they get away ith it - AGAIN -and another child dies in horror, scared and in terrible pain. We are allowing them to do this to children. How can this be right? HOW?
OH and the fuckers that did this to baby Peter need to be beaten to death in prison every day - very slowly. everything they did to that baby should be done to them - with bells and whistles on!
Miss Verypissedoff

18 November 2008 20:59

Anonymous said...

Today I read that despite everything he was subjected to, Peter still tried to smile. My heart hurts just thinking about this.

I don't want to think about the scum pictured above - I assume that someone will end their sick lives as miserably and tortously as could be possible in prison.

The 'professionals' who failed Peter? They can't be normal, I hope they are haunted by everything they didn't do, I hope they are never allowed to forget every idiotic fucked up decision, every stupid, misplaced, self righteous, politically correct wrong that they are guilty of until the day they die.

Why the fuck haven't they been sacked? Why the fuck haven't they had the decency to resign?

What the fucking hell is wrong with people?

I could scream but I can't seem to stop crying for long enough today.

18 November 2008 21:27

Div said...

Good work.

Let's make sure this gets maximum linkage. It needs to be read.

18 November 2008 22:11

Anonymous said...

Every time I read about this I cry....what can we do? Someone tell do we remember him properly, how do we never allow another child to go through this. I feel so powerless. I want to physically rip the perpetrators apart, slowly. I want to see the terror in their eyes and their screams of eye for an eye - maybe not morally correct but damn, it would feel bloody good right now.

18 November 2008 22:28

Toms Mummy said...

They won't come out of prison alive, people in there don't like people who hurt kids let alone torture them to death. That little boys image is burned on my brain, I get so upset when i hear about him, i have a little boy and can't imagine hurting him and if anyone did it would be the last thing they did. It just doesn't compute in my head that they could do this to a baby, they will rot in hell.

18 November 2008 22:37

Anonymous said...

Not that I hold faith in owt the govt do - or in this case dont - but here's the link to the petition to permanently get rid of scum like the inhuman monsters that are resonsible for the murder of this poor child. Don't just moan - sign eh?
Also - try emails or snail mails to Ed Balls, Secretary of State, Dept for Children, Schools and Families - that covers the social workers & children's trust failures etc. Also please email / snail mail Alan Johnson, Dept of Health - that's for that Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat cow, who tries to pass herself off as a competent doctor. Just what constitutes gross negligence for these so called professionals? They are still working! They are still affecting the lives of others! Please protest to the ministers responsible to try to reduce the risk of such a scale of child abuse and professional, criminal incompetence.Please!
(I also hope the bstards get right f*cked owa in the nick - OK, me rant's owa.)

18 November 2008 23:10

ruby ruby ruby said...

I really try to be detached and from the death of baby Peter, but this is one case that is getting to me, What a gorgeous looking child, so trusting as toddlers are, I am so sorry that he was failed by his family and the multi agencies who were supposed to protect him, I cant stop reading the comments posted, although I have not read the full extent of his injuries as I find it too distressing and I am a coward, I pray for the poor little mite, and may God see fit in his wisdom to punish the perpetrators of this heinous crime, justice in this life is a doddle compared to what awaits these evil cunts, and what cunts they are may they live in fear forever. i am sorry if I bore people with my continuous posts, but I am so upset ,Never have I used such language publicly, the mother is a disgrace to the female species, the Barker bros,are a real win double pair of wankers!!!!!!!! Sex offender and child abuser, what a double act, No excuses a pair of bullying twats

18 November 2008 23:24

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know this has been reported to for illegal content.

19 November 2008 01:32

Anonymous said...

Why have you reported this? Are you connected with this? Are you feeling shame?

19 November 2008 04:39

River said...

You are as much to blame as anyone. Dear reader, you let the state develop, you did not object and let the councils hire these useless people and then you charged those councils with keeping them in employ to feed their fat ass's. You never questioned them, you, dear reader, never asked for the checks and balances, you did blindly assume the government would look after your interests. Again you get to see that the cretins are interested in ONE THING, their growing monthly wage packet, and beleive me, we pay then a fortune. So why should they care about the people of whom the law states have been bad employees, they care only that they get their 30 days paid holiday, they get a new car each year, they go on their cruises and have interesting parties, at your expense. After all, you put them in power, now, what can you do about it, fuck all, ha ha. You are responsible therefore, for the dead baby P and that scares the effing shit out of me.

19 November 2008 07:01

Northern Softie said...

Anonymous and Ruby Ruby Ruby, I am with you in spirit and soul. I agree with all your pain and your feelings. I am heartbroken for this boy. I will march anywhere for him, with my two little boys. Keep me in the loop - I cannot concentrate knowing that this happened and I/we couldn't stop it. What also hurt wath the effing apathy at work...I thought I worked with decent enough people, but when I sent the Downing St petition around/MO letter url, i got precisely 4 responses from 70 people - apathy kills, like Oxfam says! Many people are so still into their own little patches, despite Peter and the credit crunch lessons. It is edifying to know that people on this blog feel the pain that I do, we are not alone. Love to all real feeling and righteous folk.

19 November 2008 10:25

Northern Softie said...

PS I see some unconfirmed reports of a Baby Peter protest march on Downing Street on Saturday December 13th - can anyone confirm this? I will be there. Anyone else?

19 November 2008 11:01

One Confused Little Geordie said...

Being a child of the 80's, I have become desensitised to events in the media.
However, this has stuck with me...

There are many questions that I just can't seem to find the answers to and it would seem that I am not the only one...

At what point did it become acceptable or necessary to "protect" the vicious and in my opinion plain evil (and I use the term loosely here) "guardians" of this child?
I don't know much about "prison justice", but I really do hope it's like it is on the TV and they endure the pain and suffering that is coming to them, however I fear that cowards whom could inflict such devastation and pain on a child would opt for the "easy way out".

In one of the many reports that I have read about this case, I was made aware that the identities of these people were made public online (which is what brought me here – I’m sorry, it may sound morose, but I just had to see for myself what people who could commit such acts looked like).
I felt that the mainstream media were almost asking me to read between the lines and go out in search of this information myself as they are gagged and unable to tell me, the public themselves.
In some instances, such as with the disbanded BBC News link, the media has been forced to retract information that they have already reported on.
I have seen this before. It's called "unpersons". People who exist and have committed acts suddenly disappear from records and scripture.
Do you know where I have seen this?
"Nineteen Eighty-Four" - a novel by George Orwell depicting a totalitarian ad dystopian future.
Scary thought .

I do not understand how a doctor at GREAT ORMAND STREET (the one place that should I have children I would want them to be if they were sick) missed what now appears to be quite obvious signs of abuse.

I do not understand how social workers although they felt the need to visit the “family” more than sixty times did not feel a need to be more protective of the small child they were there to see.

I do not understand how if the house that this child existed in was in such bad condition and squalor that not only social workers but also the child’s biological father (a whole heap of questions about him, which I’m sure you’ve probably already asked yourself) could allow him to stay there.

I do not understand how the young girl of 15 living with one of the abusers, or this woman’s other children (if they were there) could just stand by and watch the cruelty put upon this beautiful child.

I know that I am just repeating comments that have already probably been made here, but I am just so angry by the failings of our system that I need to get it out, because it is really screwing me up inside.

When I look at the pictures of that blond haired, blue-eyed child, I think about my God-daughter. I think about the children I hope I will be lucky enough to have some day, I think that if I was a member of that woman’s family or the friend that she entrusted him to, I should have kept him.

Hell, if this abuse had come to the prominence in the national and international media that it has now he is dead whilst he was still alive I would have petitioned for adoption there and then, but I suppose that is the benefit of hindsight.