Monday, October 31, 2005


Just about 2.5 months to go.  Lets see, what did I do this weekend...
I stained a bookshelf (that I built with my own two hands)
Cooked some gumbo
went to dinner with friends
"quit" my Sunday school volunteer teaching gig to focus on a new teaching ministry...
Worked out a peace deal to end the 80 year long war between France and Spain.
Got a Sim married.
But no running.  Nope, none at all.  I'm not sorry about it, either.  My legs hurt again all weekend starting Friday evening.  That's pretty annoying, but not as bad as it was a few days back.  I opted to rest them over the weekend instead of aggravating any possible injury that might be brewing.  I'm really, really worried about an injury that may knock me out of cycling in the spring.
Speaking of cycling, contrats, Cassie, on deciding to ride the MS150.  Free advice--take the long route.  It's harder, but VERY rewarding.  They have people there to make sure you finish...  you won't be left on the side of the road.  Just save your energy for the park on day 2 if you feel gassed at all.  It is the centerpiece of the whole ride...  so...  very...  beautiful...  no words...  should...  have...  sent...  a poet.
This week's schedule: 
Tuesday AM/lunch--3 miles (fast)
Wednesday AM/Evening--6 miles
Thursday--Cross train (25 - 30 miles in the saddle)
Saturday--10 miles (minimum...  I'm thinking 3 or 4 laps at Memorial, but I may just run White Oak)
That should do the trick for running.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Article from the fishwrap

Here's the link to the article.  My soon to be former finance manager has much better web-fu skills than I do, apparently.  And this article wasn't there yesterday.
Unfortunately, the picture I found in the print copy isn't in the online article.
Today is shaping up to be a rest day, I think.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

79 (continued)

3 miles at Memorial.
Not a personal best, but a course record for me by about a full minute.
Plus, I finally found the Mile 2 marker.  If I hadn't stopped and walked for about :45 looking for that stupid marker I would have beaten 28:00.
Mile/Total splits
Mile 1:  9:35 / 9:35
Mile 2: 10:30/20:05 (Found the stupid 2 mile marker, it cost me some time, though)
Mile 3: 8:39 / 28:44.15
I am PUMPED!!!  I'm not tired.  I'm not particularly winded.  The last mile was, if I do say so myself, quite manly.  It's the best 3rd mile I've run since I started tracking stuff at Memorial.  It's the best 3rd mile I've probably ever run.  I'm pumped.  PUMPED!!!
Tomorrow is either a rest day or a cross train day.  I haven't decided yet.
I saw someone who may have been Cassie out at the park, but I'm not sure.

Baseball postscript

Ok, I'm a huge fan of the game.  I really am.  Plus, I'm a homer, so my mood swings with the Astros wins and losses.  But more significantly, I'm a fan of the game.  Not necessarily Major League baseball, but the game.  The crack/ping of the bat, the smell of the grass, the sun bearing down on the back of your neck while you're in the field, the pure majesty of the lines, angles, and millions and millions of variables that go into a game.  There's nothing quite like it.  It's evolved over time.  It lives and breathes with the people who play it.  The game grows deeper each year.  Each year another layer of history is laid down on top of layers and layers of history that has come before.  There is nothing quite like it.  It's as organic and timeless as the ground it's played on.  I believe that every child, everywhere, at some point on some level has dreamed "full count, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded...  and the pitch...   CRACK!!!  AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!"   I love the game.  I always will.
Thank you, "Uncle" Drayton, Bags, Bidge, Brad, Brad, Brandon, Morgan, WIllie T., Roger, Andy, Roy, Everett, Burk, Burke, Jason, Chris, and all the rest.  Ya'll gave us a great season.  Absolutely fantastic.
But I swear to all that is good, if someone gets on base, advances to second on a pass ball, and steals third with no outs in the inning, and the top 3 hitters fail to get him across the plate I will personally kick each of your asses myself.  Willie, you get 30 bunt hits this year and you can't drop a freakin' bunt?  Craig, you're paid to win games, not get hits, not get homers.  You can't lay down a squeeze bunt?  You did it the next day...  a perfect bunt for a suicide squeeze.  It was a day late.  There was nobody on.  It was stupid to even try it when you did it.  But in a situation where that would have been perfect you decide to flail away like someone with far more power than you have?  AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!
But that's why I love the game.  The series could have been 4-0 in favor of the good guys.  It's a game of inches (except that Pujols blast, that would still be flying if the roof was open).  A grounder a little more to the left and the game gets busted open.  A fly ball a little higher and it's a homer, not a double.  I love this game.  Even with the frustration of watching your guys not advance A FREAKIN RUNNER PAST SECOND FOR 10 STRAIGHT FREAKIN' INNINGS!!!  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!  But that's why this game is so great.  At the end of nine innings everything starts over. 
Come May, spring will be here.  There will be new life all across the countryside.  The grass will be fresh again.  The wind not quite hot yet.  The bats will start swinging, the leather popping, and everyone will be World Series contenders again.
Thanks guys.  Seriously.  It was a fantastic ride.  One I'll never, ever, ever forget.

Goal for the 12/10 RTW

Yes, I said I was running the second edition of the Blogger's RTW in December, and I've set a goal.
I'm currently #3756 all time on the list of finishers.
I'm going to try and move inside the top 3000 will mean running a 26:30 5k.  That likely won't happen.  But I can move inside 3500 by running a 28:58 5k.  That's more likely to happen.  It still won't be a PR, but it'll be close.  The best 5k I ever ran was back in HS my freshman year when I busted out a 27:-something.
So, there's the goal.  I won't beat the other bloggers out there, but I can move ahead of 1/3 of the list.


I'll run 3 during lunch or after work.  I actually don't feel nearly as sore today as I expected to.  It's bad, just not as bad as I expected.  A little stretching this morning loosened up the calves.  A little more this evening before and after the run will make everything a-ok.  Howabout that, a half marathon and no serious physical problems.
On today's sports page in the local fishwrap there was a bit about running, and how the cooler weather is good and blah blah blah. 
(Apparently Thursday is the day for the running articles.  I never noticed them before even though they're right next to the cycling notebook articles.  I tried to find the link, but doesn't have the particular article I'm looking for.)
The first funny thing I noticed was the picture of the stretching platforms at Memorial.  Right under the BIG BOLD LETTERED headline about how great the running was in the cooler weather was a picture of the platform with about 3 or 4 people on it.  They could have gone for a better picture.  I've seen crowds on that platform as thick as August mosquitoes--in the dead of summer--and the best they could do is get a shot of 3 or 4 folks?
Then it goes on to list some of the best running in Houston and trails and whatnot.  Good read, mostly.  The title for the Memorial Park loop was "Best Place to Catch a Dear".  Funny.  I've said before that the scenery was great at Memorial.  Turns out I'm not the only one.
Speaking of pictures in the Chron...  was that our Jessica "A Houston Runner" Rodriguez stretching in the picture under the Memorial Park blurb wearing her Asics?  I've never met her in person, but that picture and the one on her blog looked pretty similar.  Wish the local fishwrap had the article online.
Anyway, today's 3 miler will be a speed training workout.  I'm going to work on negative splits and running stuff like that.  Look at me, I'm using terms like "negative splits" like I'm a real runner and everything.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm sick

I run 13.6 miles yesterday (in case you haven't heard) and today while out driving errands I think to myself "today'd be a nice day to run"...  what's wrong with me?

Blogroll complete

Dropped in on everyone and the biggest news lately is Holden's running the full marathon!  You go, Holden.
My bib number is 5728, so say "hi" as you're passing me and remember to wave to the fine folks at Child Advocates as you breeze past mile 22.  I have another friend who's decided on the full over the half.  It's such a challenge, but knowing other people on the course may be ahead of me (for me to chase) or behind me (for me to stay ahead of) counts as a big motivator for me to train.  Because we all know when it comes to completing a marathon the will to finish is not nearly as important as the will to train.
I think I've turned the corner on my own marathon training.  The physical shock of running isn't taking the toll it was before.  The pain is gone and the joints and muscles are used to the motions, so now it's a matter of strength and endurance building.  I may even stick to a schedule once in a while.


Just north of I-10 on TC Jester is a bridge over a railroad track and truck yard where some gravel is transferred from train to truck.  That bridge is about the same size as the bridge on Westpark around the midway point of the marathon.  To run my Half yesterday I had to cross this bridge not once, but twice right at the midway point.  I've been picturing the day that I'd finally cross that bridge since I began running.  I knew the route was 13 + miles, I knew that if I was going to run a half marathon distance in training I'd be crossing that bridge, and I knew it'd feel pretty damn good when I finally did it.  Sure enough, it felt pretty damn good.  I expect I'll run that route 1 more time before the big one in January.
I'm a little sore, a little sunburnt, but otherwise feeling fine.  I'm pretty mobile, nothing's seized up on me.  I did my morning stretches and that took care of most of the soreness.  But otherwise I feel just ducky.
Physically speaking yesterday there was bona-fide exhaustion going on.  Cardio-vascular wise, I was doing well.  I wasn't really breathing heavy, I wasn't really out of breath.  My heart wasn't really pounding beyond a comfortable level.  I was able to get fuel to the engines, but the engines just didn't have much life left in them.  That's ok, though.  I have 80 more days to work that out and get one step beyond the finish line in January.
Man, it feels good to finally get this behind me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I ran from the house down White Oak to I-10.  According to my riding log, that's 13.62 miles.  A FULL ON HALF MARATHON, BABY!!!!  My dialup is too slow to check it out on the G-maps, but I went all the way down to I-10 rather than turning at the first light before I-10 like I usually do on the bike--don't want to fight that traffic, you know.
I'm gassed.  Totally wiped out.  It took me just under 3 hours to finish.  I'll have to improve that time a bit, especially since the last 6.5 was 30 minutes longer than the first 6.5.  At that rate I'll be running the marathon in DNF time, and I can't have that.
This is, though, the longest run I've done since the previous marathon when I completed 16.5 miles.  I'm basically starting my training from where I left off last year.  Time to kick it up a notch or two.
HALF MARATHON BABY!!!  Time to celebrate with pizza and beer.
Oh yea, and that World Series thing...   this is a pretty good day.
I haven't completed my blogroll recently.  I trust everybody (Jon, Cassie, Holden, Vic, Sarah, Jen, Jessica, Victoria, and anyone else I'm forgetting) is doing well.
Oh yea, did I mention I ran a half marathon today?
Hi, I'm Joe.  I ran a half marathon today and I'll be paying with debit.
Sure, I'll sign for the package...  and I ran a half marathon today.
Thanks, can I get my change in those cool gold Sack of juh-whatsit dollars?  And I ran a half marathon today.
On days like these it can get pretty annoying to talk to me.  Kind of like my 8:16 mile day.  Teehee.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bad, bad Joe

No, I didn't run.  I made some bread.
And then the Astros played....
Stupid White Sux.  I hate those guys.
Good game though.  It's pretty cool to be watching my Astros in the WORLD FREAKIN' SERIES!!!
Enough baseball talk, though.


On Day 85 I cross trained on the bike.
These are the kind of stats I like:
Miles:  24.03
Max Speed:  28.5mph
Time:  1:24:51
Saturday, depending on how I feel, is 3 - 6 miles, maybe more.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

WORLD SERIES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shot Sent Round The world doesn't matter.
The loss last year doesn't matter.
The various collapses towards the end of the dome's life don't matter.
All the division series losses to the Braves don't matter.
That buzzsaw action by the Padres doesn't matter.
That series in '86 doesn't matter (though I still get pissed about it).
That series in 81 doesn't matter.
That series in 80 doesn't matter.
All those years of mediocrity don't matter.
Not signing Hampton doesn't matter.
Getting rid of Miller doesn't matter.
Getting rid of Reynolds doesn't matter.
Mitch Williams doesn't matter.
Losing Kent doesn't matter.
Biggio being a butcher in Center Field doesn't matter.
Getting jerked around by Beltran doesn't matter.
Not resigning Randy Johnson doesn't matter.
Piazza smashing a shot off the upper deck in center field in the 'dome doesn't matter.
Leyritz making our Astros his bitch doesn't matter.
Maddux getting strike calls 5 feet off the corner of the plate doesn't matter.
Bagwell swinging at slider after slider in the dirt doesn't matter.
None of it matters.
Got that?
Let me say it again.
Yea, I'm a little excited.
And Roy Oswalt is a little good.


Ran today.
3 miles, at memorial.
I was a bit gassed and I didn't want to run.  I actually went to the field house (tennis court locker room) to change, made it to the door, stopped, turned around and headed back to the car telling myself "I'll run tonight."  I stopped half way and said "no, I won't.  It's now or never."  So, I ran.
Nothing spectacular.  I didn't feel strong at all...  but I had a lot of energy left.  I really need to work on some strength training, I think.  Tomorrow is cross train day.
Overall time:  32:35
Mile 1:  9:52
Mile 2:  Still can't find that stupid mile marker...  something like 10:15
Mile 3:  well, around 12 minutes.  Last 3/4 was 7:30  Last 1/2 was 2:30 dead on.
I was thinking today about the 8:16 mile I posted the other day.  The difference between a 10:00 mile and an 8:00 mile is about 30 seconds per 1/4 mile.  30 seconds per lap...  2:00 versus 2:30.
Then, the difference between an elite runner and just a guy in the park is something like another 60 seconds...  1 minute per 1/4 mile, 1 minute per lap.  1 single minute makes all the difference.  1 minute separates the Sunday joggers from the elites.
1:00 isn't much time at all.  It goes pretty quick.  It seems like eternity when I'm running, though.  Then my mind wandered back to the kids I'm running for.  How long do the beating last?  30 seconds?  1 minute?  2 minutes?  Is the difference between life and death 2 minutes?  4 minutes?  6 minutes?  30 seconds?  1 brutal hit?
30 seconds.  Not much effort.  Not much time.  The difference between life and death.  The difference between a parent being convicted for homicide and a child being placed in a loving, caring, nurturing home.
30 seconds.
I've got to finish this thing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Ran yesterday.  In case you didn't hear I ran an 8:16 mile.
I feel really good today.  I'm even keyed up about running tomorrow.  Thursday will be a 6 mile day.  I'll cross train on Friday (which means cycling, probably), then I'll belt off either 9 at Memorial or some similar distance along White Oak/TC Jester Saturday.  My my math that's pretty damn close to 20 miles.  If I sneak in a Sunday run...  but I'm getting ahead of myself.  6 miles tomorrow...  and I'm still pretty pumped about my 8:16 mile.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Asics Gel Cumulus.
They're white with a pretty blue trim.
Feel GREAT!  No pain.  Very light shoe (and pretty).
Did I mention I ran an 8:00 mile?
It's not my best ever, but it's my best since I was 15.

88 (continued)

I ran at lunch.
Yea, no big deal.  I just belted off an 8:00 mile.
I'll let that sink in for a second.
That's right, 8:16 to be exact.  I've been wondering over the past few days how fast I could run a mile, and now I know.  I wasn't even running all out.
Here's the splits from Memorial Park:
Mile 1:  8:16
Mile 2:  ??  (I don't know where the 2 mile marker is.  I was at 20:00 where the route turns closest to 610 and heads back to the tennis courts)
Mile 3:  32:23 (roughly 12:30, I'm guessing).
Yea, I took the last two miles pretty easy.  I didn't want to overdue it since it's been 10 days since I ran last.
I feel pretty kick ass right now.


I hate Albert Poujols.  I hate Eckstein.  I hate Edmunds.  I hate them all.
Run today...  lunchtime.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Abort, part 2.
Any small amount of running is resulting is serious pain the next day.  I'm just talking running down the hall...  not even distance stuff.  Very disturbing.  Pain like this is not good.  Things need to get right and they need to get right fast.
Bought new shoes from Luke's Locker (thanks, Mike).  Mike Lucas is not only a really nice guy, he's also a genius shoe seller.  I'm looking forward to using the new shoes if I ever run again.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Stupid spammailers

Ok, got my first e-mail from a stupid spammer.  That didn't take long.  Sorry, folks, the e-mail address is coming off the profile.  Stupid spammers.
And speaking of stupid, still haven't gotten that statement from Regions Bank.
Tell you what, customer service is 1-800-REGIONS.  Feel free to call them and ask them to send me a statement.


I ran down the hall to catch a ride to lunch.  Flat out ran.  It wasn't far, but it was wide open.
Now my shins are a little sore.  It wasn't but 2 hours ago.  That shouldn't be happening.  Odd.
I'm getting this weird, anxious feeling that I HAVE to run, but I'm worried about hurting myself.
Odd.  Very odd.  I'll probably feel better in about 3.4 miles.


Tick tock...  3.4 was scheduled for yesterday, but I got home late.  I'll run it tonight, see how the pegs are holding up.  Then I'll turn around and do it again tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

And still more...

So, I ranted for a few minutes earlier.
Turns out the child mentioned earlier had a 3 month old half-sibling (now nearly 2).
That sibling was removed from the house by CPS and has someone looking out for that kiddo who is an advocate.  Somebody is doing something.  These people are all around you.  Hundreds and hundreds in our fair city.  Superheroes, every one, but you wouldn't be able to pick them out of a crowd because the extraordinary work they do is just normal stuff to them.
This will be a case of a life saved because someone stepped into the breach and said "not this one, not this time."
Someone will get to these kids.  Someone will save their lives.
Choose to be someone.  Choose to do something.

Things that will get you the death penalty

That's right, a child who is mentally slow and having trouble with potty-training used a trash can instead of the toilet.  So his step father killed him.
But that's not the outrageous part.
Know what's outrageous?  The rotten bastard didn't get the same penalty he dolled out to the child.  No, he gets to live.  Makes you wonder if he treats the dog the same way as the child...  or better?  How is it that when a dog craps on the carpet you rub his nose in it and throw him outside, but when a child--A HUMAN CHILD--uses a trash can you feel compelled to kill him?
This guy, in his infinite wisdom, decided that crapping in a trash can was, in his eyes, equivalent to Karla Faye Tucker putting a pick axe in someone's chest, except Tucker had a chance to defend herself in court.  The kid didn't.  So, I guess that means this guy decided that the kid's offense was far greater than hacking 2 people to death and denied that poor child the right of due process.  How dare he crap in a trash can.  That's a killin' offense.
Motivation to run?  I got your motivation right here, baby.  If a dog attacks a child the dog is put to death.  No questions, no defense.  We can't have that.  If a pathetic sub-human of a step father attacks a child, he's automatically given life in prison (possibly doomed to a lifetime of prison rapes, but I'm no advocate of torture).  And what about the mother?  According to the article she's in the other room while this goes down.  I can tell you this much, if my dog uses the carpet and my lovely wife is in the other room, she hears it.  She knows what's going on.  This "woman" was sitting there, hearing this going on in HER house, to HER son, and did nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  This woman at least deserves prison time, too.  She didn't lay a hand on the boy, but she had as much a role in his death as the sub-human that mauled him.  Fired up?  Yea, a little.
If the simple act of running a marathon puts one more person between a child and one of these monsters, then I'll run a damn marathon.  In fact, I'm even willing to go out there and "fail" by only running 16.5 miles.  I won't like it--I hate to fail--but it's better than sitting in the other room while someone beats a 5 year old boy to death.  A little pain, a little discomfort, a little work versus a little one being senselessly killed is more than worth it.
It costs Child Advocates $1500 a year to put 1 advocate with 1 child with adequate support to see a case through to the end.  I've got 1/3 of that right now.  I'd like to get the rest of the way by the end of the marathon.  Go ahead, click on the link over there on the left.  Send the good folks at Child Advocates a buck or two.  They'll appreciate the support.  They won't let you down.  They won't let these children down. 
These children are more precious than anything else anywhere in the universe.  I recon they're worth at least a buck.


Tonight I run.  3.4 miles.  Yippee.
The Cardinals suck.
Maybe tonight the Astros will manage to get a runner or two past second base in the first 6 innings.  I haven't cussed so much during a baseball game in ... well, days, really, but it was a lot of disgustedness.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yes, that was just randomness

For those of you who read the below post (above?  Previous.) and were telling yourself "Self, that was just a bunch of random gibberish", well, you can pat yourself on the back because it was merely random gibberish coming from a very, very bored person.
But I still think I'm going to buy those suspenders. 
That'd make me pretty fly. 
Pretty fly indeed. 
For a white guy, that is.


Still waiting...  haven't even tested out the legs.  I'm going to get some new shoes, that might help fix the problem.  If I keep up the running I've already done I'll probably need to get 2 pairs.  Maybe I should get a new job...
Along with my shoes I still think I'll get some suspenders.  I still haven't gotten those suspenders yet.  There's just something I don't like about wearing a belt on my days off.  I don't like it.  Feels too dressy.  I like loose, comfortable clothes, and since I've been running lately they've become looser and more comfortable.  And generally speaking, people aren't very keen on the idea of someone's pants falling down while they're shopping for eggs, though that is the "in fashion" among kids these days (how old am I that I use the phrase 'kids these days'?).  I've even seen kids with pants around their thighs and a belt.  A BELT!  I just want to come up to them, slap them on the back of their head, pull their damn pants up, then slap their parents for letting them out of the house looking like dirty vagabonds.  Reminds me of the homeless character on "In Living Color" that one of the Wayon brothers played. 
Kids these days.  Looking like vagabonds.  When I was a kid even vagabonds had some dignity.  They'd at least try and look respectable.  Maybe wear a tie...  sure they'd wear it as a headband, but at least they were wearing a tie.  And pants that fit.  Or at least were held up by a rope around their waist where their pants belonged.  I mean, come on!  Give the guy some money, he's got a rope for a belt!  How can you be so heartless?  And look at his big old head!  He can't even fit a tie over it!
So anyway, I think I'll be buying some new shoes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I've got in my e-mail signature a little tag that says "Track my progress towards the 2006 Houston Marathon" and then the link to this blog.
Everytime I send something with my signature, the spell checker goes into convulsions and asks me if "Blogspot" should be "bloodspot" or "blood sport". 
I already don't like running.  I don't need my stupid spell checker suggesting that running a marathon is synonymous with a fight to the death or being chased by hunters.  Give me a break.


A little frustrated.
Kind of surprised that I'm frustrated.
A little glad that I'm frustrated.
I think I'll go buy some suspenders.

Monday, October 10, 2005

From the hand of a child

Scrawled text.  A single dollar.  A small contribution, but a huge statement.
The hand of a child writes "for harris count's child advocate by court appointment".
The hand of a child.
A single child.
A single dollar.
A single statement.
A changed life.
Somebody should do something.
Maybe today I'll be somebody.

The Cardinals Suck

You know, resting until Thursday will work out well.  The Houston's local nine, the Astros (for those of you living in foreign countries or under a rock) just won their second ever post season series and will be playing the Cards in the League Championship Series Tuesday and Wednesday...  I'm unlikely to run either day anyway.  So, I might as well schedule days off so that I'm not actually skipping workouts, right?
Pretty kick ass to get to watch an 18 inning ball game...  but for my money I'd rather them have finished in 9 and whopped the crap out of the Braves.  All in all, a win's a win, so I'll take it any way I can get it.
There's probably an analogy to be made to running the marathon, but I'll refrain.


Got up Saturday and it was too cold to run.
Just kidding.
The plan Saturday was 8 or 10 miles.  I took off and about 2 miles (1.7 according to G-maps) in had to abort and almost didn't make it back home. 
Serious bad shin pains in both legs.  Serious bad.  I almost hitched a ride home.  It took me over an hour to walk 1.7 miles back home.  My legs felt completely dead except for the throbbing pain.  They were like big, fat, painfully throbbing tree trunks attached at my knees.  When I finally got home I rested on my back for about 1.5 hours, and the pain was gone, but not permanently.  It came back later in the weekend if I spent too much time on my feet.
Back on November 15 last year I wrote this.  Similar pain, but not as intense.  Mid November last year was about 6 weeks into my training.  I had just run roughly 26 cumulative miles.  As of Saturday I had run almost 75 cumulative miles.  Last year the pain came on Friday, Nov 12 and I rested until Wednesday, Nov 17.  The last strenuous activity that brought the pain was beach football in Galveston on Sunday, so I'll hold off until Thursday (it'll be tough, but I'll TRY not to run for a few days).  That'll be about the same amount of rest I had last year.
This sucks.
Not the not-running part, but the pain.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do the 20k this weekend.  I'm just not going to be ready for it.  That part does suck.

Friday, October 07, 2005


In my mailbox this morning was the note informing me of a contribution (I actually knew about it yesterday 'cause he e-mailed me and I process the gifts anyway).  Thanks, Mike.  You're a true hero.
I also want to say "hi" to Vic for checking in from the 'hood.
That's all.
It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than now
-Rage Against the Machine, Guerrilla Radio

Why play Texas

John F. Kennedy, at an address at Rice University, when talking about the space program made the following statement:
But why, some say, the moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas?
The context, of course, is that whenever Rice University played the University of Texas in football they got the crap kicked out of them because the students at Rice are more familiar with protractors and quadratic equations than footballs.  The meaning, though, is that even though they know it's would be an uphill fight every time the two teams met on the gridiron they still showed up and still played.
Why climb Mount Everest?  Because it's there.
Why run a marathon?
Because it's hard.  If it were easy everybody would do it.  If it were easy it wouldn't be worth it.  Why run a marathon?  Why does Rice play Texas?
Texas beat Rice (again) this year 51-10.

Way cool

No, seriously, it's way cool out there.
I drove by the "94" sign on the way to work...  this is a sign that's read "94" for the last 3 months.  It sits in the middle of a parking lot and I must have forgotten that it's a thermometer because I nearly hit a tree this morning when it said "59".  It's read "94" so long I thought that was just painted up there. 
I can't wait to run tomorrow.
How wrong is that statement coming from me?


Ran 3 miles in Memorial last night.
Mile 1:  9:21  (9:21 pace)
Midway:  14:48 (10:56 pace)
Mile 2:  21:00 (ish, I can't remember, which would put me somewhere around 11:00)
Mile 3:  30:59 (with an awesome kick at the end for a 10:00 final mile!)
Not a bad run.  I felt good.  No pain.  Still had energy at the end.
More later.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

September wasn't really that bad of a month

I know I didn't feel like running hardly at all during September, and I mostly hated it, but I just added up my distances and here's what I found:
July:  7 Miles (2 days)
August: 25 Miles (5 days)
September:  33 Miles (6 days)
I know, I know...  I ran as far in all of September as Jessica did in 2 weeks, but I say that's just 'cause I'm smarter (just kidding, I won't be able to outrun you if you decide to come kick my ass).  My point is that even with all my bitching and moaning, September wasn't any worse than August.
What's that odd feeling I'm getting...  is it..  motivation?
I'm off to Memorial park for another 3 miles.

Going back to finish a really cool story

Back on August 8th I wrote about running 6 miles then jumping on the bike for 13 miles.  Several cool things happened that day (August was a good month for running, September just sucked) and I wrote:
"Maybe in a few days I'll write about the thing I did Saturday that was the coolest thing I've ever done on a bike. I'm pretty sure it's something even Lance Armstrong hasn't done."
Well, by my count a few days has passed.
I learned on this day that grapefruit juice is very bad for you between runs and rides.  I took about a 30:00 break when I got home from Memorial park, ate some bread, had some juice (grapefruit juice), got dressed out in my cycling kit, and took off.  It was a good ride, really wrung me out after the 6 miles in the park.  About 1/2 way through I started feeling a little queasy.  I finished off my water around the 3/4 mark and stopped at the pool that's on TC Jester just south of 43rd street to fill up the bottles.
This is when I did the coolest thing I've ever done on a bike.  It's gross.  If you don't like gross, don't keep reading.
I jump back on the bike for the last 3 or 4 miles to the house and start feeling really sick.  I take in a mouthful of water, swish it around, then spit it out.  I get on the trail and get up to about 14 mph, then started feeling really, really sick.  So, I turned my head to the right (because that was the side the grass was on) and proceded to toss my cookies.  Yup, I yacked on the bike.  Didn't hardly get anything on me, either.  The really cool thing is that I didn't break cadence AND I picked up speed to about 18 mph.  I'm almost certain Lance Armstrong has never yacked while on his bike.
I'm also almost certain that I won't be drinking grapefruit before running OR cycling any time in the future.


Correction, today marks my 100 day countdown to the marathon.  Marathon day is actually 102 days away, but I'm not running the Saturday before the marathon and marathon day is not really a training day (if I'm not ready by the 14th, I'm not going to be ready), so I'm counting Saturday, January 14 as the beginning of Marathon Day...  the longest day of the year (37 hours for those scoring at home).

3 miles

Tomorrow marks 100 days to the marathon and the official beginning to my marathon countdown.
Last night I ran 3 miles and I discovered something new.
The "0 Mile" marker is NOT the end of the 3 mile circuit.  I ran past the marker as is customary for me with a big final kick, stopped the watch, and began to walk a little cool off distance.  I make my way past the stretching things and a bench and look down and there's a marker that says "3 miles".  So, I walked back to the "0 miles" marker and ran back to the 3 mile marker.
My hunch is that there is a 3.1 marker somewhere...  but that'll have to wait until this evening to be discovered.
Mile 1:  9:21
Mile 1.5:  15:28
Mile 2:  ??  Forgot to look at watch/missed the marker
Mile 3:  31:40
I lost about 1.5 minutes on the last 2 laps but averaged 10:30 for the run.  Not bad.  I'd still like to get my 3 milers down below 10:00, but I'd also like to finish the marathon.
Knee feels good.  I plan to run tonight...  another 3 miles.  Rest Friday, run Saturday (longish 8 or 10 miles) then bike or run on the beach Sunday.
Oh yea, the Braves suck.  SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!!
Astros in 4.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Almost forgot

ESPN is running a documentary called "The First 4 Minutes" about (wonder of wonder) the first 4:00 minute mile as well as a show called "4 minutes" about the same.  I've taped the former and will be taping the latter for a little ESPN-spiration.
See, I really do want to want to do this.

Pics and stuff...

I was hipped to this network called "Multiply" and set up a site there. I'm trying to import this blog to that site but I'm having issues. Meanwhile, I have some pics (me running, me cycling, me standing with the missus, and MY DOG!).
Tonight I run.
No, seriously, I'm going to run. I've got the shoes, shorts, stopwatch... all the stuff in the car.
Tonight I run.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I have an idea...

I was roaming around last night before a meeting consulting with the BOSS.
It occurred to me that the times I least want to run are the times after long layoffs in running.  2 or 3 days...  sometimes more.
So, I have decided that I will now avoid long layoffs in running.  I'm going to get out and run at least a little bit every day...  even if it's just down the block and back or around the neighborhood (that's about a good mile, anyway).
Maybe that'll do the trick and get me back in the groove.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Maybe I'll run late tonight, then take tomorrow off.  Then maybe instead of running Wednesday I'll ride my bike.  Maybe going back and doing something I love to do will reignite the running engines. 
I have a trip planned to Galveston this weekend.  Maybe I'll take the bike along the sea wall instead of plan a run along the beach.
Maybe that'll help.

I just don't care... that's bad, right?

Luke's Locker 20k in a little less than 2 weeks.
I should be worried that the longest run I've done is only 8 miles, right?
I should be worried about this nagging pain in my left knee, right?
I should be worried that I'm having trouble maintaining a pace of under 13:00/mile, right?
I should know better based on last year's results, right?
It worries me that I'm not worried about all this stuff.
I know I can do a half marathon...  I know I can do 20k.  I did that last January with very, very little training...  probably about as much as I've already done. 
However, last year I was aiming for a full, and I failed.  Why can't I get out there and run?  I don't like to fail.  Failure sucks.  Sucks big time.  It stings.  It's a bitter, bitter, hateful pill.
I also know I'm running out of time.  Tick tock...  tick tock...  tick tock...  Playing catch up is hard to do when you're fat, slow, and out of shape like me.  I can barely play keep up, how am I going to catch up?
I'm going to have to kick it in gear, and kick it in soon, otherwise I'll fail before I even begin.