Friday, January 04, 2008

The morning after the day after the night before

Ok.  1 down.  364 to go.  2 miles behind, with 1 mile pending.  No time on the run, I’m not checking time this time around.  I DO know that the route I ran was 1.04 miles (according to my friends at Google Earth) and I DO know that I ran the whole shebang non-stop.  That may not mean much to you fanatical asphalt busters out there, but for me to run a full mile for the first time in 6 months or more without stopping tells me that I’m not in as bad shape as I thought I was.


2 miles is easy to make up, too.  No sweat.  I may hold on to that deficit for awhile and clean it up toward the end of the month.  I don’t mind building up a deficit early as long as it’s not too huge of a deficit.  I’ll try and keep it below 10 miles.  I do, however, want to stick relatively close to the original plan of 1 mile a day, every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, no matter what, no matter what.


And today, I don’t feel so bad.  The thing I was most worried about was recovery time.  Worrying about how I’d feel the morning after actually kept me from getting out there a couple of nights ago and more than once in the past I’ve decided to not bother doing ANYTHING because I didn’t want to be sore later.  If today is any indication of how tomorrow will be, I won’t have any problem running tonight.


Speaking of which…


A guy here at the office is running the half and popped in to inform me that he’s looking forward to the milder weather this weekend because it’s been too cold to run the last few days.


I asked him if he expected a dome to be put up over the race route.  Hehe…  sometimes it’s good to be running again.


He also said he was going to hit the treadmill, but he’d rather be on pavement.  I told him he better man up because it’s hard to run in high heels and a dress.


T’s a good guy.  We both had a good laugh.  I brought in my medal from the 2006 marathon to show him what he’s running for.  I still have it here.  It’s fun to look at.


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