Friday, April 04, 2008


One more mile in the books, that brings me to 50 miles on the year.  I should be closer to 100 miles, but I’ll be satisfied with 90 by the end of the month.  100 would be a nice round number.


And now I have a little bit of motivation…


A coworker of mine has been talking about dropping some weight.  In fact, she hasn’t shut up about it for 3 or 4 weeks, but also hasn’t done anything about it.  Allegedly she decided to get serious at the beginning of this month.


So I laid out the challenge to her:  I want to drop 10% of my weight, howabout we race?


It took me 2 days of egging her on for her to finally capitulate, but the game is so on.


The rules:  The contestants will drop 10% of body weight (22lbs for me, 14lbs for her) by any means necessary—preferably safe and legal means.

Primary Victory Condition:  dropping the weight by the deadline date which is May 1.

Secondary Victory Condition:  largest percentage of goal weight lost (x/22 versus x/14).

Both contestants acknowledge progress towards the goal has already begun (5/22 [23%] versus 4/14[29%]).


Primary victory prize:  $25.

Secondary victory prize:  $10.




Blogger Holden said...

Why not all or nothing? Why give money to the runner up? This is America, winner take all! At least that's how it is with our political elections.

Sorry for that outburst. I ran 4 and 2/3 mile during lunch and I think I still have some adrenaline flowing through the veins.

Isn't 10% by May 1 a little extreme?

2:02 PM  

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