Friday, August 08, 2008


Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be the Vice-Presidential pick for John McCain.


He makes the most sense.  He’s an “aw shucks” Midwesterner and governor of a key battleground state.


More importantly, he’s relatively unknown outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul, which means there will be renewed interest from Obama’s press corps…  er, I mean, the press, which will garner McCain some added press and attention while they pick over this guy’s governing ability.


Finally, and possibly even more important than the media attention angle, this guy seems like an everyman sort of guy who fishes on public lakes and hangs out with the fine folks of Minnesota and is glad to have his wife fish with him, but would rather her have sex with him (he said so in an actual radio interview).  He seems like the type of small town mayor type of guy who you see working in his yard as you’re coming through town, and you ask him for directions, he gives them, asks you where you’re from, then says “well thanks for visiting, I’m the mayor of this here town… stay for some coffee, will ya?”  Just a kind of unpretentious, Minnesota type of guy.


You know, the type of person who would never tell a 7 year old that America isn’t the country it could be, or the country it used to be, and he doesn’t want that kind of future for his children.


You know, that type of guy.


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