Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Training" update

This is the last week before my “Because I Can Tri”. I haven’t checked to see if the pool is open—a bit of an administrative oversight on my part, I admit it. But because of the back, shoulder, and stomach issues over the last week or so I wasn’t entirely certain that I’d even be attempting the thing.

I think I’ll go ahead and, like Nike, just do it, baby.

Why not? The worst that can happen is that I fail completely. The most likely outcome is that I’ll put all three disciplines together and finish somewhere in the 1hr to 1:15 range, about :30 beyond where I was really hoping to wind it up.
However, Jon was gracious enough to shoot me an update on the Try Andy’s Tri, and I just might take a stab at that slightly longer triathlon. We’ll see. There’s a lot of school between here and October.

Speaking of school…
Last night was a late night at school, so I missed the speeches.
I’d like to see Biden again just before Palin’s so as to get some kind of compare/contrast going. Plus, I missed a good chunk of Biden’s speech last week, so it would be a nice refresher. I think I’ll do the same with the Obama/McCain speeches.

Meanwhile, I’m going to have to have a temporary news blackout. I’ve already heard a couple of sound bites before opting for a CD over the radio. I may check the candidates’ websites—there are a couple of those “connect the dots” energy policy questions that have been lurking around the back of my mind—but other than that no news today is good news, today.

And finally, an administrative point:
“Anonymous” is the calling card of a coward. To lob very thinly veiled racial taunts and no small amount of innuendo behind the cloak of anonymity is not only cowardly, but also repugnant. It’s reminiscent of those men in white hoods who were unwilling to show their face while they were spreading their particular brand of terrorism across the countryside. While it is generally my habit to call out small minded, knee jerk fools like you and leave your idiocy up for all to see, point at, and mock, I’m not so sure I’ll be taking the time to suffer your particular brand if idiocy. I don’t blame fish for being wet, and I can’t blame cowards for being cowardly or fools for being foolish, but if you want to mischaracterize me with your thinly veiled innuendo, you can do so on your own time and on your own net-estate. I don’t think blogger gives me the option to totally block anonymous comments, but it does give me the option to moderate anonymous comments and/or dump comments in the trash… and I don’t want to moderate comments. That’s a level of engagement that I just don’t care for.

Be a coward all you want, but at least be creative enough to make up an alias.


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