Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A few quick things

First off, I am completely wrecked.  Last week I had a shoulder issue that knocked me off my swimming, a hip/back issue that knocked me off running, and a stomach issue that knocked me off…  um… food entirely.  I’m tired, I’ve dropped 4lbs at least (and not in a healthy way), and I’ve never been so happy to see solid poo in my life.


Second, it’s stopped raining, let the evacuees go home.  And unless people are actively holding you down, leave the effin shelter and go home!!!  It was barely a cat-2 when it hit!!  QUIT BEING PUSSIES!!


Finally, I’m pretty curious about what this Alaska governor brings to the table as a VP.  She seems to be one tough cookie.  That wily old coot may be smarter than anyone gave him credit for.

Meanwhile, where are all the polls?  We were served daily and weekly tracking polls before the DNC, but not a single poll since the start.  What’s up with that?


Triathlon may be on hold for a week while I put my physical pieces together and wrap my arms around the first few tons of homework for the semester.


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