Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Eating their cake, and having it, too

Ok, so since Obama can’t match up to McCain, he’s decided to run against Palin for President?

Or, more accurately, since the media can’t convince us that Obama is “The One” versus McCain, they’ve decided to pit him against Palin?


It just doesn’t logically follow that Obama can say, out of one side of his mouth against Hillary Clinton that it’s not the length of service that matters, but what you DO with that service that’s significant, but out of the other side of his mouth, against McCain Palin say that it’s the length that matters, not what she’s done during her stint in office.


Wow.  The vehemence with which they’re going after her…  unbelievable.  I’m just…  stunned.  Every time I think I might be convinced crap like this surfaces that just reveals the duplicitous nature of these monsters.

“She’s just a small town mayor who became a small town governor”.  Wow, sorry, everybody who came from a small town…  you’re “just” a small town bumpkin who doesn’t deserve any real responsibility.  Just leave it to the smart people who handle big boy stuff.

There’s plenty more.  And the more I hear people questioning her ability because she’s “just” a small state governor the more offended I get.

Dianne Sawyer asking “is she ready to be President?”  No, I didn’t add emphasis on “ready”.  Dianne stressed it herself.  “But is she ready?”  Don’t make me puke.  Have they adequately answered that question about the guy ACTUALLY running for President?  Is he ready?  Is he capable?  Maybe she doesn’t have the insider connections that Obama has.  Maybe she doesn’t owe or own favors from senators on capital hill.  Maybe because she’s a REAL outsider and change agent?  You can’t argue out of one side of your mouth that you’re an outsider and change agent, then out of the other side of your mouth denigrate your opponent’s number 2 pick as being less qualified than you because you have more connections in Washington.  That just doesn’t fly.

And so what if your more qualified to be president than your opponent’s Vice President pick?  That just means you’re more qualified to be your opponent’s Vice President, not President.


Just plain pathetic.


Yes, Obama and his friends in the media are going a long, long way toward convincing me of who the best candidate REALLY is.


Anonymous spartikus said...

The vehemence with which they’re going after her… unbelievable.

Someone apparently forgot to tell Meg Whitman, McCain's national campaign co-chair, of this depravity. Quick! To the fax machine! There are talking points to issue!

4:46 PM  
Blogger K said...

And all those "feminists" fighting for MY right to "have it all"... husband, family, career, money, house, are now eating crow as they see what a REAL feminist is all about.

I guess those rights only belong to liberal women!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Brother Joe said...

"spartikus", I never sugested sexism, I sugested hypocracy. Pure, eat your cake and have it too hypocracy.

But don't let facts stand in your way...

12:15 AM  
Anonymous spartikus said...

But don't let facts stand in your way...

What facts? You haven't cited any. You present an anecdote of Diane Sawyer (from memory to boot) asking a question which, for some reason, you find unreasonable. The insinuation, I guess, is that Diane Sawyer has never raised the question of Senator Obama's experience. Which isn't true, but I digress.

For months the McCain campaign - and a cursory glance at your blog shows you have too - have made experience vs. inexperience a centerpiece, which got some traction. Until the nomination of Sarah Palin. Which is why her nomination is so puzzling.

So yes, I would agree, there has been hypocrisy. Just not in the way you think.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Brother Joe said...

Spartikus, I didn't suggest sexism, I suggested hypocracy. That's a fact. But don't let it get in your way.
Examining the record is fair, examining the family, per Obama's dictate, is unfair. Questioning whether the Vice Presidential pick is "ready" to be President when the real question is whether or not Obama or McCain is ready to be President (though, there's doesn't seem to be any question as to whether or not McCain is ready) is fair.
Experience v inceperience is a fair question for those running, and if the best Obama can bring is to suggest he's got more experience than the VP candidate, then he's pushing the boundary of good sense.

8:03 PM  

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