Monday, October 06, 2008

If you haven't bought a hat yet...


Holy freaking crap.


Nearly 700 points on the big board today…  this mess is getting badder and badder by the day.  Now it’s the foreign markets that are making the American markets’ collective head spin.  This happened once before, and the US exchanges bounced back.  I expect this week will be a slight loss by the time the dust settles, but this ain’t over yet.


If you don’t have a hat, go out and buy one, then hold the fuck on to it, because this is going to be a bumpy ride until this mess gets sorted out.


Meanwhile, remember, everything is on sale!!  The market WILL come back.  It’ll take time, for sure, but it’ll come back and it’ll come back strong.  Better to buy now and keep buying than to wait until it bounces back up.  Get your shares while they’re on sale!!!


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