Monday, September 22, 2008

Solution to the generator problem

I found a solution to the problem with the neighbor’s generator.


Rather than causing a big stink and asking her to turn the awful thing off because it was keeping me up all freaking night, I went out and bought $1.50 worth of shooting-range ear plugs.


Those babies are good for 31 decibels and effectively block almost all of the noise coming into the bedroom from those generators so that they now sound like low hums from a very, very long distance off.  Almost like a window unit humming away in the other room.  Also, one of the cats proved that sudden, loud noises IN the house are not completely muffled, so if someone decides to break into the shotgun—er, security device—will still be able to be armed and active.  Extra bonus, if the security device must be discharged inside the house, I won’t go completely deaf.  My hunch remains that the chambering of a shotgun shell would be enough of an alert to any would-be home invader that a security device is active on the premises. 


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