Monday, October 06, 2008

True racial equality

Barack Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois, is an agent of change.  His chosen profession—politician—and his genetic background absolutely confirm that he is an agent of change, just as a female kicker in the NFL would be an agent of change.

He has a different perspective.

He is not an old, white man.

He is not a young white man.

He is not female.

He brings a different and fresh perspective to the whole game of Presidential politics.


If this is truly a “post-racial” society (which in some pockets of society it clearly isn’t), the most logical way to look at these “qualifications” and address them is to say the following:  “so what”.


Good for you, you’re a minority.  That doesn’t earn you my vote any more than being white should earn you my vote.  You’ve got to come with the hard stuff.


What have you DONE?

More importantly, what will you DO?


We know the answer to the first is a resounding “nothing”.  No significant legislation, no significant leadership, no significant anything.  When the chips are on the table and a decision actually matters, the answer is more often than not “present” if there is any answer at all.  So, then, what will you DO?


I have no doubt in my mind that he is willing to sit down and forge a consensus among differing parties.  The problem is that if he becomes President, there won’t be differing parties.  One party will control the house, senate, and executive.  Remember how well that went in Clinton’s first couple of years?  What about Bush’s first few years?  Not such a great time, remember?

And this time we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid—two of the most liberal legislators in the legislative branch.  Add to that the Barney Franks and their cohorts, you have serious cause for concern.

I find myself in the unusual position of wishing there was a republican majority in the house and senate, because I would like really like to see an Obama Presidency, mostly because I don’t really think he’ll DO much of anything, but he’ll at the very least change the conversation and tone a bit and be a hedge on republican law writing.  But with a democrat congress, I fear that he’ll be less a President and more of a rubber stamp, not unlike George Bush who didn’t receive a bill he wouldn’t sign into law for 6 years.


Obama might yet win this thing.  If he does, he can thank George Bush and his cabal (Cheny, Rumsfeld, et al) for being so very horrid and so grossly miscarrying the public trust for the majority of the terms in office that the public would vote my old front tire into office just to have someone else in there—if it ran as a democrat.  Unfortunately, that means giving Nancy and Harry the keys to the ship for 2 years.  So, when the nation descends further into the shit hole that has been dug the last two or three years and new “reforms” are implemented that allow Nancy to “save the planet” while completely crapping on the Constitution she allegedly has vowed to uphold, we can also extend a hearty “thank you” the Bush and his cronies and his whole party for collectively bending us over and showing us some prison love.


Hopefully, though, good sense and reason will win the day and America will see Obama for the empty suit that he is, with no significant achievement in his rearview mirror, except for the fact that he strives for significant achievement at every turn, just so long it is politically expedient.


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