Thursday, November 20, 2008


I’ve been stewing about this idiot on the GMA since I saw the news.


One of the moron news readers was smearing the auto execs because they DARED to be wealthy and fly in private jets to Washington to testify for the bailout.


How dare they.  Shame on them for flying in a private jet that costs $20,000 to charter.


They totally should have saved that money and reduced the requested bailout (that they shouldn’t get) to a mere $24,999,980,000.  Or, better still, sold the jet all together and reduced the bailout request (that they shouldn’t get) to a mere $24,995,980,000.


Fucking idiot.


Did it look bad?  Yea.  Could ANYTHING they’d have done looked good?  No.


Here’s a suggestion, report facts and don’t invent stories.  The plane is not the problem.  The cars that nobody wants to buy is a problem.  The REST of the American Auto Industry (that is, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, you know, good car companies that build here in the states) are not having the issues that GM and Ford and Chrysler are having.  THEY’RE not in free fall.


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