Wednesday, April 08, 2009

3 days and nothing

The second life experiment is over.  In a few days I’ll kill off that stupid avatar and never, ever go back again.  What a waste.


Meanwhile the UNSC has done even less than nothing.  While the world expected them to live down to expectations and issue a sternly worded statement which would, effectively, do nothing and be ignored, they haven’t even bothered to do that.  Just…  nothing.  Hoorah.  Hoorah.  We should definitely entrust our security to them.


The Taepodong 2 has a potential range of 6200 miles, and an improved version is believed to have a range of 9300 miles, according to

The lower coast of California is 6600 miles from Pyongyang (give or take).  Seattle is 5200 or so.  Hawaii is around 4500 miles.  But, you see, rather than blasting these things off the launch pad when we see them sitting there being refueled, we do nothing.  Nothing at all.  North Korea tests it’s missile, and the test is a failure.  We insist on another resolution that is promptly ignored.  They load up another to work out the kinks they found the last time they shot one off.  We take pictures and do nothing.  They test it, it’s a failure.  We insist on another resolution that is again ignored.  They load up another…


Eventually one of these rockets won’t be a failure.

But it’s not like the West Coast is at any risk…  eenie, meenie, meiney, moe, to which city shall it go?


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