Monday, March 30, 2009

Collard Greens and Pork Chops!!

Nearly 34 years into my life and I have discovered a new culinary delight:  collard greens.




When cooked in the traditional way, they’re nasty little wilted and bitterly disgusting shreds of grass.  When cooked correctly, though, they’re really, really good.  I’m quite impressed.  These will be gracing my plate frequently in the future and will likely make an appearance in the old backyard garden in short order.


I’m just about decided to run the marathon next year.  Or, at the very least, train for running the marathon next year.  I’ve gotten my weight dangerously close to the target zone that I wanted to get to by the end of March and feel like this thing could be a doable thing, even with all the other stuff I have going on during the week and on the weekends.  So, if you see a pasty fat slow guy trundling along at Memorial or in the Woodlands in the upcoming months, there’s a good chance it’s not me (there are a lot of us pasty fat slow guys out there trundling along running paths), but there’s still a slight chance it could be me, once or twice.  Say “hi”, and if I respond with anything less than a cordial “hi” right back at you, you’ve gotten the wrong pasty fat slow guy.


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