Monday, October 19, 2009

War on the Media?

I’d heard rumblings in the past few days (weeks?) about a rhetorical war between Fox News and the White House.  Today, is reporting that the White House is elevating the attacks against Fox claiming that it’s not “really a news channel and shouldn’t be treated as such” because they’re really just pushing a point of view.


Really?  Seriously?


So…  the Huffington Post SHOULD be treated as a news platform and be called upon at press conferences?

MSNBC SHOULD be treated as a news as a news channel?  (For the record,’s stories, largely AP and Reuters wire feeds, are far more informative than the tripe that comes from the Olbermanns, Madows, Becks, and Hannitys of the world.  All of them are pathetic sycophants that are cut from the same cloth.)


There’s a whole list to go down, but if you’re willing to stand up and say that the fawning coverage poured out upon our own Dear Leader by the network and cable news teleprompter readers is not “pushing a point of view”, then you’re completely and totally deluded.  There isn’t a news network out there that is merely looking to inform.  Each and every one of them is looking to instruct you in what is proper to believe.  Fox is simply instructing you contrary to the other primary news networks and, yes, making money in the process.  That’s the world we live in.


It is up to US, the consumer, to filter the clap and drill down to the real story behind what is being said and ask the critical questions.  Unfortunately, too many people listen to the morons on the news and just take whatever Madow and Beck say as gospel truth without questioning the motives behind what is being said.


Nonetheless, it is not up to the President to decide what is or is not a “news network” simply on the grounds that this so-called network has a view contrary to his own.


Is this the change we wanted?  Disagreement with the President, questioning the President’s policies, daring to say as much out loud, will leave you labeled as “not really a news channel” and effectively embargoed from access to those whom you cover?


Welcome to the free world, where the only questions you’re allowed to ask are the ones the President allows you to ask…  as long as you ask them with the right tone.


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