Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Again, I told you so

Barak Obama has zero political clout and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are running the country.
It's not a Barak Obama Presidency that worries me, it's a Barak Obama Presidency WITH a democratic congress that worries me.
2 years into a horrid, horrid Obama Presidency, the dems are going to lose their majorities in the congress and Obama will, hopefully, become a much, much better President.
Obama isn't as moderate as he sounds on the campaign trail, and with the Pelosi/Reid tug to the left, he's going to lurch hard to the left and most of the country--that is, the centrists--are going to be appalled at what they're seeing come out of Washington.  Yes, we want change, but one thing that is certain, thanks to term limits, is that the President come inauguration day 2008, will be different from the one we had at the time of the election.

All these things I've said at least once in the past, and I'm still right.  And the little socialist Canadian troll has been silent during this slow, sad revelation.


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