Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All is not lost

The Obama Presidency is failing.
He is losing support in droves.
More people are becoming dissatisfied with how he's managing things.
In fact, more people are dissatisfied with his performance than are satisfied with his performance.

And this after successful reforms of health care and financial regulations.  What gives?

It's because he's a political lightweight and he's holding on for dear life while Mamma Nancy and Pappa Harry run the store.  The problem is that we didn't elect those idiots to do his job, we elected him to do his job.  Unfortunately, because he has no political gravitas on the Hill, Nancy and Harry don't have to listen to him.  They can try and enact their own agenda--which is far different from the center left agenda he campaigned on, even though some of us warned that with Nancy and Harry at the tiller and him with no keel the agenda would lurch far too far to the left--and he can't do much to stop it, because if he stands up to THEM, he has absolutely nothing.

Or so he thinks.

Hopefully, in a little over 3 months' time the stooges in Congress will be bounced into the unemployment lines where Nancy can pick up her "stimulus" check (such an absurd comment as "unemployment money is stimulus money" is one I thought I'd never hear, but anyway).  The good news is that the leftist stooges we have will be gone.  The bad news is that they're still being replaced with stooges.  The silver lining with the new batch of stooges will be that the legislative agenda will no longer lurch far, far to the left, but will likely be pegged somewhere between center left and center right--the sweet spot where most Americans' ideological mindsets live.

The danger in the meantime, though, is the President going out and attacking the right and center right that he's going to absolutely need for the next (probably) 6 years.  If he's going to become a successful President in the mold of Bill Clinton, or even Ronald Reagan (who he spoke kindly of until his party told him not to), he's going to have to learn really, really fast to find solutions rather than pointing fingers.


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