Friday, July 16, 2010

The growing irrelevance of unions

The Journal is reporting that in order to fully staff picket lines protesting companies that hire non-union workers an pay wages that are below those brokered by unions, unions are hiring non-union workers as mercenary protesters and paying them wages that are below those brokered by unions.
It really is great to see that more and more unions really aren't focused on improving the quality of working conditions for their members, or ensuring a fair wage is being paid for the work that is being done, or ensuring the general fairness of the working environment against cronyism or discrimination, even protecting the jobs of members through business cycles.  Nope, they're about the money.  Money for the workers, and money for the union.
And that makes sense because most of the other issues are regularly addressed through reasonable regulation of the employment environment (and some through ridiculously unreasonable regulation and/or litigation).  Once most of the reason for a union's existence has been addressed, the union has to begin inventing reasons to continue existing.  And rather than extending their mission to workers worldwide, and thus protecting not only jobs of their members back home but also spreading that prosperity to workers around the globe, they decided to fight for every last penny that a corporation could make, and, in many cases, bankrupt those companies--GM and Chrysler being but two examples, Greece and the State of California being two more, and just about every manufacturing concern in the City of Detroit being a catalog of several more.

So, carry on you great enterprise of the American Union!  Continue to demonstrate that your primary concern is your own existence and that the welfare of your members and the companies that employ them is a distant, distant second place.


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